Sci-Fi Short Film “What if Wendy” presented by DUST

(soft dramatic music) (seagulls cawing) (birds chirping softly) (alarm ringing) (soft music) (exhaling softly) (soft music) (water pouring) (soft music) (machine whirring) – [Computer] Good morning Dr. Stevens. – Open the first case file for today. – [Computer] Retrieving
case number 837-6H, Sophie and James Newridge. Second child, first child via GE. No preferred gender. – Open genetic inventory. – [Computer] Inventory
count, 10 egg cells. Approximately 51.4 million sperm cells. – Hm, slim pickin’s. Initiate phase one filter, throw out any deletions, any
chromosome abnormalities, mutations et cetera. – [Computer] Phase one filter complete. Inventory count, seven egg cells, approximately 38 million sperm cells. – Index on possible combinations, initiate phase two filter. Two million a year, Hartford Connecticut, first child is a girl, age eight. Seven, eighth percentile for healthy family dynamics, not bad. – [Computer] Phase two filter complete. Possible combinations indexed. – Filter out all females. Application indicates
no gender preferences. – Mom’s an old child,
(mumbling) tendencies, she won’t be able to handle two girls. In favor intellect. Dad’s a self made hard worker,
and he’ll want a protege. – [Computer] Filter complete. – Community factors. – [Computer] Simulation complete. – Begin at age 13. (machine whirring) Hello. – Hello. – Do you wanna play a game? It’s very easy. All you have to do is answer my questions as honestly as you can okay? What makes you sad? – When my mom and sister fight, losing a baseball and getting bee stings. – What makes you happy? – Winning spelling B’s,
washing the car with my dad, math club, and jumping off the high board. I like the swimmer pool. Do you like to swim? – I don’t know how to swim. End simulation. Run final evaluations of candidate. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Newridge, you have a beautiful baby bor. Submit results to HQ, open next case file. (soft music) (ominous music) (soft music) (alarm ringing) Run an additional filter for
IQ scores of 130 and below. (mumbling) moms are tough to please. (phone buzzing) – [Freddy] Hey, I’m just
calling to catch up. See how you’re doing. This time of year, you
know I know it’s rough. – Freddy you don’t have to check up on me. – [Freddy] I’m not
checkin’ up on you Moira. I’m just checkin’ it. (chuckling)
– There’s a difference? – [Freddy] Yes there is. It’s not out of obligation,
I still care about ya. Have you been gettin’ out of the house? Or are you still havin’
everything delivered? – Look, I appreciate the concern, but you’re not my shrink Freddy. You’re not even my husband anymore. I’m fine. And even if I wasn’t, it
wouldn’t be your problem. Really, you don’t have to
worry about me, I’m okay. Okay? – [Freddy] All right. – How’s Stephanie? – [Freddy] She’s good. – Tell her I said hello. – [Freddy] Actually, that’s another reason I wanted to talk to ya. I know the timing isn’t ideal but I wanted to tell you myself. Stephanie’s pregnant. We’re havin’ a baby. – That’s great. Congratulations. – [Freddy] She’s due in September. I just wanted to let you know. – I’m happy for you guys. – [Freddy] Are ya? – Yes. – [Freddy] Why can’t you
just be honest damn it. – I am being honest. What do you want, some kind
of reactions out of me? You want me to cry? You want me to throw a fit? – [Freddy] Yeah. At least it would be a change from your usually suppressive numbness. (soft music) – Tell Stephanie I said congratulations. (soft music) (soft ominous music) (soft music) (soft piano music) Upload DNA samples. – [Computer] Three samples acquired. Sample one, Dr. Moira Stevens. Sample two, Frederick Stevens. Same three, Wendy Stevens. – Create new file, save
sample number three. Start simulation, age seven. (sobbing) (exhaling deeply) (sniffling) (soft piano music) (soft humming music) – Hello. – You’re so big. – I am seven years old. – Pull dossier for Moira Stevens and Frederick Stevens,
create a nurture grid. Update simulation. – [Computer] Simulation updated. – Hi, my name’s Wendy. (soft music) – Hi Wendy. I’m Moira. – Okay pick something else. – What about a starfish? – Starfish are easy, what else? – What about a bunny? – A bunny, like this? (laughing) You do it. – No I don’t think I can. – Try it. (laughing) (soft piano music) – Guess what? Today is your birthday. You would’ve been seven years old today. Should we celebrate? Yeah. You ready? ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Wendy ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you. ♪ (soft ominous music) – [Wendy] What’s wrong mommy? – What did you say? – I said what’s wrong Moira. – Slide simulation to age 16. Age 18. 25. (exhaling sharply) (soft dramatic music) (waves crashing lightly in the distance) (soft somber music) (soft piano music) (soft dramatic music) (soft music) (soft piano music) (sobbing quietly) (soft piano music) (ominous music) – [Narrator] Watch DUST. Like this video, subscribe for new visions of the future every week. It is the business of the
future to be dangerous. Your future is DUST.

100 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film “What if Wendy” presented by DUST

  1. These DUST shorts are exceptional. Absulutely some of the best I've ever seen anywhere. (P-Shop delinquents take note)

  2. I lost the only woman I ever really loved in 1987. I did finish up marrying another woman but I have never stopped loving that girl. My life is so, so lonely without her. If I had one of those machines I would never leave the house but stay with her till I died.

  3. I don't know about you people but I see this unfofiled women as the type of professional women this days. All their time put on their carrier to a point that forming a family as their last and when the time comes it's too late do to their age. That's what happene when spending all their fertility years on a professional dreams..

  4. gawd…. if any of these DUST films were worth the precious minutes of my life. same lame melodramatic story lines, same half-ass acting, same half-baked SFX, same free music web sites. maybe i'll learn one day to stop thinking "maybe this one will be worth watching"

  5. What a great film. I think that loss is the worst human emotion. This film dealt with that emotion in a sensitive & compelling way.

  6. I know sometimes men get a bad rap for being assholes…he said I know it bad timing…could he have picked the worst time to tell his ex-wife who has lost a child. That he is having another child, with his new wife!

  7. What kind of man who is a shrink no less calls with that kind of news on the dead daughters birthday. Weird concept

  8. I lost my wife to breast cancer in 1990. We had just started our family. One girl and one boy. 4 and 2 respectively. If I had this technology I can't say with any amount of certainty that I wouldn't bring her back. A day hasn't gone by in 28 years that I don't think of her at least once a day. The ache never goes away.

  9. This short movie was amazing, but bringing the dead back by such technology will be a GREATER HEARTACHE than Actually Losing them In real..!

  10. Okay, I'm 3 minutes in–we are advanced enough to prorate a fetus by 13 years and converse with the progeny, but she still has to manually clean her stove & mop her floors???

  11. I wonder…my daughter & son-in-law lost their first baby, Bella, full term still born…if we had that technology now, I wonder if that would be something that would actually be therapeutic…as a grandmother, and 'on my way out', as the saying goes, I would utilize that tech to chat with her every damned day & night until the day I die…but, her mom & dad, I wonder, as in this short, would it have the reverse effect?

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  13. Absolutely breathtaking performance by Ms. Patterson. The best thing ever on DUST. She deserves an Oscar for this performance.

  14. The mother was upset because all the Wendy simulations she had ran always came out a s homely, chubby, boring child and destined to be a angry bitter lesbian as an adult.

    So sad

  15. Perfect description of Jehovah's Witnesses women who rejected otherwise normal guys because Armageddon was around the corner, and ended up being old, single, childless and alone.

    And still waiting for something that will never happen.

  16. The setup about potential children leaves one to think the child never was born, and the supreme grief of Maura leaves one to think that guilt may be involved.

  17. I really believe the reason he left her cause after work hours , she would spend too much time bleaching the house instead of us time ! ….. During that moment in time , I really believe that her daughter was conceive in the utility room on top of the washer during the spin cycle setting next to the bleach rack along the wall !

  18. Why did I cry when she screamed even though the scream was silent? Such a great film, better than Hollywood movies these days.

  19. What if wendy had been replaced by a clone or a second child and her brother wasn't so emotionally demanding, then the good doctor could get on with her happy life and this film wouldn't be so bog standard. I appreciate the hollwood set design and the talented actors, but I got to wonder if writing this (same old story in the same old way) fills in you film people(not just james here) some emotional need . read or at least watch what others have done before you and try to be differnt "NOVEL" even. So that it's worth writing about.

  20. i want to hug her so bad 😥
    26 years ago my unborn son died in an car accident.
    my fiancée – sixth month pregnant – also passed away…

  21. having lost a love one early in life I thought the years would soften the grief, but it never gets any easier. you live each day with the pain and so it is.

  22. The soothing ambience music at the start… means something disturbing will happen. Like the cookie from Black Mirror.

  23. Very sad. Life has a way of being compartmentalized till you realize 5 or 10 years roll by when something traumatic has happened to you. There really is no one to blame and it does no good anyways. It is too bad this woman works at home because of modern tech. If she had to go out into the real world every day she might have had better chances of interaction with caring people and been pulled out of herself. It is a fact of modern life that many become withdrawn into the artificial world the internet provides. It is a lousy substitute for friendship. Our young are also being drawn into this vortex. I know wishing is a pointless waste but "i wish, i wish, i wish" the internet was never invented! Nope! Still there. On it right now! Can't shut it off myself. Thanks for nothing Al Gore! Maybe she could adopt a little girl? At the very least a cat! "Devil in a cheap fur coat" to me but some people seem to like them. In the state of lonliness and pain this woman is in, adopting would seem the very best solution. Good video. Very sad.

  24. Yall should make longer films and out then on the big screen… Id DEFINITELY pay to watch them! 😀

  25. Wow that was a wonderful piece of work, the story tells so much and the actress did a beautiful job of conveying the message of pain and loss in her life. I just wish corporate hollywood had as much talent , the movies put out now are garbage. Keep up the amazing work Ms. Patterson and Dust.

  26. His ex is an asshole. Calling her for telling he will have a baby? The aniversary of her daughter? For what? He has a new life, totally innecesary cruelty with his ex wife.

  27. Super movies!! as well as the outfits are, you can also find them to:

  28. How sad yet hauntingly beautiful.
    To lose a child is a horrible event, no doubt, and one that would require MANY years of therapy and help to deal with.
    You'll never "get over it," nor should you, but you'll need to put it in perspective and do your best to push through to continue to live your life to completion.

  29. This technology would be hard to have, better off just having the memories of the person in your mind.

  30. So I liked this, scrolled down the comments and pieced together that Wendy died before the age of 7 at a beach, swimming… Accidentally drowned and her mother couldn't rescue her, because as mentioned she doesn't know how to swim… Ouch is all I have to say

  31. No matter that she’s talking to a computer, it still bothers me that when the computer says, “Good morning”, she doesn’t respond in kind. Rude!

  32. Emotional self harming to the extreme, have a computer bring up a hyper realistic simulation of what your dead daughter would have looked like though out her life. Also below comments are correct in calling Freddie a piece of shit. All in all well staged, paced and acted although the score was a little much at some points.

  33. What an incredibly well expressed illustration of the agony of human grief….. and the tragedy that is a loving mothers heartbreak… It’s what makes getting on well with each other all the more worthwhile.
    That reflective masterpiece of a short should be shown in all the schools. It could do much to discourage knife crime etc etc etc in the youth, and wider society, as those who are moved to such considerations are far less likely to commit atrocities that lead to a grieving mother…. as is happening currently with knife crime etc….. Only someone seriously mentally ill could fail to be moved to reflection and the conclusion that acts which cause such burdens to other brother’s mothers, are best avoided (“so stop stabbing each other, it causes their mom far too much pain” could be a suggested debate title for the students to conduct and discuss, after viewing the video – and profile the class. Dare I suggest that only those lacking in any shred of empathy could fail to be moved by the video… and concur with the sane options of peace, love, live and let live etc… Great work by a talented cast and crew.

  34. She helps other couples get the baby of their dreams, even her ex gets the family he wanted, and yet she’s grieving all alone. It’s not a simple choice of getting over the loss of her daughter. As a grieving mother, I can assure you that time does not heal all wounds. I can’t believe this ended up on my numbing playlist the birthday of my lost daughter. Beautiful. Tragic. Relatable.

  35. He should not told her about having a new baby due and pH day before the child they lost birthday. Well done acting etc

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