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Samina: Today’s guest in Rewind with Samina Peerzada is Sana Mir You know she is a cricketer She has been a captain of our Women’s Cricket Team I like all those girls Who step out of their houses, do hard work and earn their name This whole universe is for us We can do anything we want Come and let’s meet Sana Mir Thank you so much Sana for coming to the show! Sana: Thank you! Samina: What are you doing nowadays? Sana: I am working currently on my rehab, I have gotten knee injury , so I am getting a treatment for it. Samina: What’s happening? All cricketers are getting injured. What would happen to the team? Sana: It’s a very vigorous sport, you have to physically exert in it. So, you have to take care of you body along with that Samina: Is there any special diet? Sana: Yes, there is a diet too You have to take more proteins to build your muscles There are two to three sessions daily which are based on fitness so, I am working on it nowadays, gradually it’s like you unlearn how to walk so, you start from zero because it’s not difficult for a normal life but for high speed running, and to work on a higher level if you are having a slightest problem it becomes very big Samina: Now let’s rewind a little bit and go back to the childhood days How may siblings do you have? Sana: We are three, and I am the youngest one Samina: The dearest one? Sana: Yes, the dearest one! Samia: and naughty too? Sana: Too much! Samina: Did you ever get scolded? Sana: I was very violent but the other ones used to get scolded Samina: Who is the elder one? Sana: The elder one is my brother with whom I started playing cricket in streets in those day, there were no grounds available for girls where my father had a posting so we started playing cricket in streets then I have a sister she is married, and then, I am the youngest one Samina: Were there a team of three of you, and were there any cousins in the team? Sana: Yes, cousins used to be in the team my father was in the army, so wherever he used to get a posting, we.. Samina: You used to make new friends over there.. Sana: We used to make new friends and new team in every city Samina: What’s the first memory that you remember? Sana: the first memory that I remember We were in Gilgit, and I was very little I remember, the first time I lifted the bat but I started playing properly in Pindi Samina: Why did you start playing? why not cycling? why not playing with the dolls? Sana: I played that too, I experienced everything I played with the dolls a little bit but I was not interested then I did cycling and I was interested in that Samina: Did you cook food? Sana: I can cook now Samina: You didn’t cook before? Sana: I never cooked before the things I experienced, they were more physical because my father was in the army, and most of my cousins were in the army so when they used to do difficult exercises over there they used to come and make us do front rolls so I used to be at the front along with all the boys because I always liked physical activities from the very start I did karate and gymnastic, played basketball too, and did swimming too I basically tasted every sport Samina: Did your mother never say that what are you doing? Sana: No, neither my mother nor my father they always supported me Samina: Really? That’s so nice! It does not happen usually Sana: Yes, exactly! I am very fortunate in that sense My parents and my brother, they all were very supportive regarding my sports There were less opportunities for sports in school and in college, there was no cricket So opportunities were very less but because of my family support, I was able to keep myself fit even when I was not playing cricket, I was able to do some other sport I used to get help every time from my family despite of having no structures, we were able to play different games at least Samina: what did you used to play? Sana: I represented my DHA College in Karachi I represented it in Swimming, in Lawn Tennis, In Table Tennis and Basketball, so I was into every sport Samina: Did you ever get scolded by your mother? Sana: I used to get scolded a lot Being supportive is another thing because we used to play in an alley so, oftentimes, we accidentally used to throw the ball into other people’s houses Samina: and broke the mirrors too? Sana: We, once, broke the mirror of Aunt’s house At times, when boys used to go to get the ball, they used to get scolded so all of them used to ask me to go and get the ball because So, oftentimes, my parents used to get complaints and they used to slightly rebuke me but I tolerated everything for the cricket Samina: Is there anything that was so special about childhood? like a doll or maybe it was a bat? Sana: My grandmother gave me a stuffed toy I kept it with me for ten years that was quite special to me Samina: Did that stuffed toy used to sleep with you? Did you both used to talk? Sana: I don’t remember but it used to sleep with me and mother tried to fix it many times because I never let it throw away so it was very special Samina: Did you used to read stories? Sana: I developed interest in books after cricket because I had sciences before I went into engineering college but then I left it because cricket was tough at that time, I did not have an interest in books it was not developed because whenever I used to get a free time from studies, I used to play cricket or any other sports Samina: How did you go for engineering? Sana: I used to love Mathematics and Sciences I loved Sciences Samina: Would you have become a doctor? Sana: I had an interest in Biology but I used to love Mathematics but there was no such degree in Pakistan, in which there is a combination of Mathematics and Biology I did not want to give up Mathematics I loved numbers because of that I went for pre-engineering so whenever I used to get time, I would go out for cycling and hiking with friends so, I did not have an interest in books at that time I hope you are enjoying Rewind with Samina Peerzada then do subscribe! Quickly! Samina: How was that decision? Who made it? Sana: My father helped me made it Basically, I went into NUST in Karachi I was the only girl in my class So, I was getting bored a lot in college It was difficult to get into that college because they have a very good merit system I did pre-engineering and scored good marks Many teachers were disappointed My Aunts were displeased that why I was leaving engineering Samina: Why did you have to leave it? Why it was not possible to do both at the same? Sana: When I started, there was a semester system and there was no awareness Women’s Cricket was not that much popular Nobody knew whether there is any scope in Women’s Cricket or not This was about 2004 or 2005 Samina: Can you make cricket your career? Sana: I didn’t know anything, it was just a blind leap I kept struggling for two months, and thinking whether I take decision or not because something inside me was saying if you are going to study from 9 to 5 and it was not even of you interest my passion was sports so I had a conflict residing within me My father used to drop me He used to drop me and pick me up He used to see that I was disturbed Samina: Did you become quiet? Sana: I became quiet but I used to discuss too I am very close to my parents They realized it then two months were passed, and my studies were going fine but I talked to my father He said, “We have got a lot of female engineers but we do not have female cricketers, so, you do it and try it” It was 1st April when I was getting my clearance in NUST so my class fellows were thinking that I was making April fool everybody was messaging me saying, “Make us a fool, we will also leave university tomorrow but it was my decision actually, and then after one year, I got selected but that one year was so tough because I went back to my college They supported me a lot They let me take admission in the middle of the year because I was their good student so, I went there again, and started BSC I took mathematics, economics and statistics I didn’t take physics and chemistry because they used to have practicals what happens in cricket is that you have to go on a camp for one to two months so, you cannot do semester system because you are given marks on daily quizzes Samina: How old was the team when you joined? Sana: It was 1995 or 1996 when Pakistan represented internationally for the very first time when I joined the team under PCB It was the first time when it came under PCB Before that, there was PWCC which was run by two sisters in Karachi I took a start from there They represented Pakistan internationally for ten years but in 2004 and 2005, ICC took a decision that All women’s teams across the world will merge into all men’s teams So, ICC and IWCC got merged Samina: Was it good or bad? Sana: I think it was very good because At this moment, the growth of women’s cricket Where sports have been made like women tennis Now leagues have been started Boys already had their structure in place but now women’s cricket can use all the infrastructure So, I think it was very good but i think it could have been merged better in Pakistan because during that merger, there were many senior players they had a conflict from the start there were two groups in Pakistan One group had already come under PCB the other one was reluctant because of that, we lost a lot of players so, we could have made it better because nobody was aware about women’s cricket we struggled for sometime because we had to start from scratch, whereas, in other countries, all seniors players eventually came even when they had a conflict for one to two years but after that, they all came under one umbrella Samina: How tough was it? Sana: It was really tough Samina: To play cricket in the lawn of the house or in streets, and then play it professionally, that must be so tough! Sana: The first time I started playing cricket with the hard ball after one and a half year, I started playing Pakistan cricket because there were not any steps neither I was under 19 nor there was a school cricket almost from the street to the international arena definitely, we learned a lot when we went there Our team was at the initial stage we didn’t have seniors as well, which was the biggest factor in our growth I always think that seniors have the most important role and we tried to do something for our juniors which we lacked Samina: What were the difficulties that you faced? Sana: The first thing we do not realize that it is so much important for the senior to be there because the things you learn in four to five years you can learn from their experiences in one to two months if you are paying attention to their advice So, your growth, as an individual, becomes very fast we took a lot of time to understand the standard of international cricket how to maintain the fitness level How to use batting techniques how to use ballers and field positions so we took a lot of time to learn initially Samina: Did you ever think to leave? Sana: Many times I took a decision to take retirement for two to three times the reason was, we played for five to six years because of the passion for our country there was no money and fame we used to work everyday in three hundred rupees we left studies and jobs we kept playing like this from 2005 to 2011 Samina: How did you handle this? because it is very frustrating and emotionally disturbing Sana: I invested my time a lot for our team because many girls wanted to leave but they were good players and I could see that we have a future I mean if we work hard, we can make a future out of it to keep them on board, so that they keep continuing it was very difficult because, obviously, every family is not independent enough to spend their money on it So initially, it was very tough when we won gold medal in 2010 for the first time in Asian games It just turned everything for us Bushra Aitzaz and Shireen Javed spoke for us vocally, and the girls got contracts parents got encouragement from there that if they are leaving their studies and jobs, they are at least getting incentive in return so the improvement gradually started from there Samina: I hope you enjoying Rewind with Samina Peerzada then do subscribe Quickly! Samina: and none of you got sponsored? Sana: There were very less sponsorship Samina: because the male cricketers get sponsored either from banks or people Sana: I have been representing ZTBL from last seven to eight years They came before PCB we were their employees in 2009 after that, PCB gave us contracts More departments came in between but now there are only two left because we need to make our management more better so when departments come, we have a certain code of conduct It needs to be smartly handled departments will come because they have a lot of money and there is a lot of potential in women’s cricket girls have a lot of passion to play whether she is from Gilgit or Quetta there are a lot of potential, so I feel more sponsors should come forward Samina: Were you born in Abbottabad? Sana: Yes, I was born there. Samina: Did you stay there for some period or move from there? Sana: I was two years old when my father got a posting in Gilgit So, I have spent most of my vacations in Abbottabad Now, when my parents have moved to Abbottabad I often go there when I get time Samina: Isn’t that city is conservative? Sana: The literacy rate is 100% over there We also played cricket in the stadium of Abbottabad We go there, and everybody are very supportive Samina: When did you play your first match? Sana: The first match was in Abbottabad stadium in 2008 We were going for the qualifiers, so we stayed in the stadium which was very tough we spent three months in the pavilion We used to stay there, and play there the whole day It was quite tough at that point but we qualified the World Cup we forgot our all fatigue Samina: How tough is it? To play under someone or play as a captain? Sana: If things are going systematically then both can be enjoyable if justice is being served, and everybody is getting a chance of growth and everybody’s potential is being used So, I think it’s a very great experience whether you are playing as a cricketer or as a player but if these systems get blurry then it could be a painful experience as well Samina: How much effort you all are putting in it to make all the systems right, and to be on those positions which boys have in Pakistan Cricket? Sana: We are trying we talk too Board is supporting us too for that we need depth of conviction all departments accept completely that there is a potential in Women’s Cricket because unfortunately, most of the people are result oriented they don’t see that we can empower and integrate people through sports we can blur the boundaries between the two provinces or people belonging to two different religions we don’t see it in that way we just want a result, and we just want to win whereas, in our country, violence is the biggest issue so, if we see sports as the tool to educate people especially those who don’t go to schools Many girls and boys come into this field because they know that they cannot do anything by studying in Urdu Medium Schools, so they might excel in sports So I feel, if we could educate that sector through sports because there is a lot of potential in it that we can touch so many lives Samina: What does Sana do personally? Sana: Personally, I have been playing cricket since last twelve years Samina: Don’t you watch movies or listen to music? Sana: I listen to music a lot I listen to Pakistani music as well I am also fond of Sufi music I watch dramas too I have seen your dramas as well Samina: Apart from cricket, what’s in your mind? Sana: I try to spend time with family and friends because we stay far away from them we are often on tours and in camps so we get a little time to spend with our family So I always try to spend time with them whenever I get back from a tour, Samina: Did you ever fall in love? Sana: I love cricket I have been in love with cricket and my country Samina: Did you never notice any man? Sana: Now, I have started to notice It is very important, I have served Pakistan for twelve years Now when I see back, I feel that the time has been spent in the blink of an eye because we were so busy Samina: Did no one pursue you? did no one write the letters, follow you or send gifts? Sana: One to two people did that but, at that time, I wasn’t ready I am not the person who cannot make commitments, and then carry the relationship So I refused Samina: Did not you get marriage proposals? Sana: I already told my parents that I am playing so do not consider them Samina: I like that, “I am playing.” Sana: So, my parents are very supportive in this regard Samina: You are a very lucky girl Sana: I am a very lucky girl I stopped attending weddings for some time because everybody used to ask me about mine I used to get irritated a lot Samina: Did no one come to see you for marriage proposals? I find this so amazing that people come to see Sana: Once they came but I said stupid things because I didn’t know they came for a marriage proposal Samina: Once I got a marriage proposal too but I scared that man so much Sana: In my case, a man did not come, however, his parents came So I didn’t know No one was home, so I served them the dinner, and then I went away when I later came to know, my father was a bit angry at that time because he wanted to talk to them properly first My parents are supportive, and they keep me protected They are not pushy at all Samina: So where are you today? Sana: I am in a very good state. Thanks to Allah! I am very satisfied with what I have done in my life and I look at life in a way that better things will happen in the future I don’t make long plans I try to live life day by day and try to spend everyday in a best way Samina: Have you seen the world? Sana: I have seen the world a lot because of cricket I am very fortunate in this sense, and I am so thankful to Allah I never liked travelling before but now when I have seen the world, I have developed more interest. I have been almost in every cricketing nation Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, England, South Africa we have been to Korea and China as well to play cricket Samina: How’s the environment when so many girls are playing? Sana: It’s an amazing environment I got companionship Whenever I used to play in cantonments there used to be no girl so I used to think that there is no girl in Pakistan who plays cricket when I came under PCB in 2005 and I saw so many girls I used to feel very strange in childhood because I used to be only girl, and the rest used to be the boys the best thing that happened was I met a lot of friends who had similar interests so we have an amazing bond People usually say that when girls are together, they fight we were thirsty for having people who had the same interest It’s not always about fashion and clothes there are a lot more than that I mean how to do in swing and out swing where to stand on the slip position so these were the talks we could not have with other girls that was the unique connection we had so we enjoyed a lot Samina: Do you have a woman instructor? Sana: We have male instructor we should women coaches but I think we should not compromise on the quality in the name of women empowerment In Pakistan, no woman has played cricket that much so if you want to have the coaching on elite level then there should be those who have already handled the pressures and have been the part of World Cup Samina: It’s not about man and woman Sana: It’s about the skill To encourage girls, we should start from school, court clubs and colleges unfortunately, we want short cuts if a girl has done two coaching courses then she should get a higher position I feel those who have skills whether they are boys or girls, they should come forward There have been male coaches and they were very good some of them were not good Recently, we had a coach from New Zealand, Mark It was good working with him Samina: When you get demoralized a lot, then how do you make yourself stand again? Sana: there have been a lot of unfair criticism for Women’s Cricket unfortunately, people don’t realize that we lack so much in an infrastructure there is only one ground in Model Town for us which is often unavailable otherwise, there is no cricketing facility for women A normal girl cannot go and starting running in a ground so we don’t have an infrastructure but there are a lot of expectations at times, people attack personally whatever strength I get, it is from my family and my faith you have to be patient at times so the faith is very important Samina: How do you help each other? Sana: We do counselling a lot, and support each other because, at times, it happens that from which I have gone through, the other girl is going through the same that’s why I am saying that seniors have an important role to play we couldn’t interact with people who were in this field from so long it was a limited time where we had a little interaction but they couldn’t get along so we had to start from scratch so a vacuum was created there where we could get a guidance from someone because there were not so much interaction with boys now I have so much interaction with boys as well and they are very helpful they share their experiences but initially, when Women’s Cricket started, we were kept seperate so initially it was a tough time but we became close friends the advantage was, that we became close to each other now everyone have their own mentors who guide them Samina: How do you handle criticism? especially personal attack? Sana: I stop watching TV and social media because at times you realize that this is not a constructive criticism this is now just being personal so I try not to react on it and reflect on the fact that to what extent it is right and I have to make it better in myself apart from that, they can do whatever they want, you don’t have a control on it then I remain patient or else what I can do because, at times, in Pakistan, there is a very little concept of making heroes we still struggle to give respect to our people but, thanks to Allah, I have been given so much respect the majority of people supported me so, I am satisfied! Samina: where do you stand today? Sana: I am in your studio today Samina: as a player? you have done captaincy, so where do you stand now? Sana: I have talked to PCB because I took a step down after coming back from the World Cup from captaincy again, as a leader, when I came I did a lot of mistakes as a captain that took me a lot of time to learn so I try to support the next captain in the transitional period Bisma is our new Captain So the time I have left in playing, I try to support my team and make them settle Samina: Is it good that you have done captaincy and led your team and then you go back and play as a player is the transition easy or difficult? Sana: It’s quite difficult It’s not easy but it’s very good for you personally because it gives you a lot of humility you get used to give orders all the time so you should get used to taking orders as well I think it is necessary because, at times, we want to stay in our comfort zone we want to do everything on our terms but it’s transforming you to not a very good human being so I think, its a good phase for me to experience the team is very good the new captain is very respectful the coach supports a lot I have not had to face so much difficulty Samina: When was the most difficult time? Sana: This World Cup was very tough because of the overall environment within the team management the whole last year was very tough and apart from that the World Cup of 2013 when we went to India, and we got a lot of threats so our league moved to Kattar it was an overall tense experience it was very tough to keep girls motivated and strong and to face criticism after coming back no one knew that girls were mentally in so much pressure over there that was the tough time and the whole last year too Samina: because you are doing something very difficult you are somewhere, where people do not go Girls do not go, they do not play and society say that too, that girls do not play girls are homemakers but when they do something new a lot of things are either in their favor or against them Sana: In actual, we get insecure quickly we have five girls who were the senior players and have served Pakistan for ten years they are now married and settles in their homes they are very happy they are now becoming homemakers as well it’s not that if you come into this field then you would completely leave your family Samina: What do you want from us? Who watch cricket, write in newspapers, people from media or those who watch cricket at home what do you want from us? something we might not be able to do we are so much comfortable with the male cricketers and we appreciate them a lot Sana: I will say this for male and female cricketers that we need to first treat them as a human being the problem with us, as a society, that we look for results Samina: and we bring them to a lower level very easily Sana: so we are getting treatment according to that if the movie got hit, we are extremely celebrating it and if we win the tournament, we are celebrating that too and if someone lose, we give up on them so I think we need to celebrate the process more and acknowledge their struggle Samina: and his courage too the real thing is the courage the courage is needed even to be a doctor Sana: Either you get successful or not do not judge him for that just acknowledge and appreciate his effort that person is working hard daily apart from celebrating accomplished people, we should start celebrating those who are making an effort we need change this perception Samina: What do you see in the future? Sana: I do not plan for that long Samina: You must have thought something like you will make an academy, will got to Abbottabad, will return, and will do everything to let not others face those difficult which you have faced Sana: There are three to four projects that I am doing I am the ambassador for the breast cancer awareness at Shaukat Khanum then there is a rehabilitation center in Abbottabad which was made after the earthquake by Helping Hands so, I often work for their fundraising program because when earthquakes came in Abbottabad there is no rehabilitation center near those areas so people come from very far places and they have no place to stay and physiotherapy is something which cannot be treated in one session so they need accommodation for that, they need some funds and to develop Women’s Crickets is another project Recently, I have been working on something since 2014, and hopefully, through your program, I will raise my voice for the child protection in sports Sports is the kind of the industry where you take children who are under 18 only then they become good international athletes so the handling is very crude because our coaches, managers or other sports people they are not very educated so the child handling is very crude we need to improve that we have to bring child protection laws so the kind of incident happened with Zainab, it does not happen with anyone else because the man who did that, I am 90% sure he must have gone through something like this in his childhood I am not excusing him but we have to prevent we need to give a safe environment to our children be it boys or girls we can save them from any form of abuse so I have worked on the child protection in PCB there was this girl from Multan she attempted suicide it was very painful for us I had never met that girl she was 17 years old cricketer she was harassed they took her straight on media there is a journalist, Imran Khan he made 17 years old girls sit in the live sexual harassment show so we do things like this for ratings they didn’t realize that this is the kind of the topic one should not talk about with children she went into so much pressure that she committed suicide so after that incident, I try to give as much awareness to girls as I can through PCB’s platform we are working with LUMS for the child protection but it has not come into the implementation phase yet so I want that all authorities make it mandatory for sports children as well because, in England, a man cannot continue coaching until he renews the child protection course after every two years if he does not renew it, his license will be cancelled but here, there is not even a concept for such kind of a course so this is the one cause I am working currently on Samina: that’s a very important cause and it is very demanding it needs the constant time and following Sana: Women’s Cricket was like this we had to follow that up so that was really time consuming for me Many people including girls ask me that if their parents do not give them a permission for cricket, then what do they do? I always tell them to do what their parents want this thing is so strange for a hard core feminist the wisdom behind it is that we don’t have the structures we don’t have places to cater all those girls so if you take those children away from their parents and if something bad happens with them they cannot go and tell their parents so they are very vulnerable so, first we need to create safe environment for them and then we have to call them out Samina: we need this safe environment in everything because the way our society is disturbed we need it in medicine whether they are nurses or doctors Sana: for all child handlers because my department is sport so I will stay with my expertise you can take it in orphanages in schools too as you are saying, nursing and doctors they too treat children there is a huge scandal of US Hundred gymnasts have said that one US doctor was harassing them for so long Samina: girls do not realize at all that what’s happening Sana: even boys do not realize, there were some boys in those hundred gymnasts Samia: There is a pressure of someone from older age Sana: He is in the position of power and authority so we need to educate parents to how to react if their children tell them something like this if they start scolding them or getting angry on them, children will not be able to tell them the same way they want to Samina: and if they blame their children what were you doing? why were you there? Sana: Why did you go there? Samina: we have to work a lot Sana: that’s why I like Pakistan and I want to stay in Pakistan because there are so many opportunities for work In foreign societies, a lot have been done already so you cannot impact lives if you work here with a good intention you can touch so many lives we, Pakistanis, have this huge opportunity which we should avail Samina: we need to find a person like you who will give more strength and has such kind of thought I am very hopeful there is someone ready for you Samina: what makes you happy? Sana: I think giving happiness, bringing glory to the country, to my parents when my parents feel proud it gives me a lot of happiness when I see people grow under me like my colleagues we eight people were in ICC’s top 20 ranking in 2014 that was the prime mark of my captaincy that was the peak but when you see individuals growing that is something very satisfying Samina: and what makes you sad? Sana: Injustic like Zainab’s case and when we see careless people around us and they are very calm in their places, whereas a lot is happening in our society so, it really makes me sad Samina: How will you change it? Sana: I think the only person we can change is ourselves what I can do, I have to focus on that if my focus remains on what can I do I found the spiritual teacher she helped me a lot too during the last year so the focus comes on what better can I do? unfortunately, we, as Pakistanis, are slightly mistaken as well because we go into the victim approach so much we can keep on saying that for another twenty years but nothing will happen things will change when we will play our own parts and work hard that is the place to start once we start doing it and get used to do our own work Samina: do you regret anything? about life or about yourself? about the decisions that you have made? is there any regret? Sana: couple of things are there where I have not learnt the lesson It still hurts me that why did it happen I don’t have any regrets I am quite happy with the way things have been Samina: What is life? Sana: Life is a mystery It’s a big mystery, you think something else and it takes you somewhere else so all you can do is enjoy when we make so many plans then we get hurt we should see it as a mystery Samina: and what is death? Sana: reality it’s reality, everyone has to die it’s the biggest reality Samina: Thank you so much! keep smiling and may you find the right partner who can stand with you and walk with you and you both can make the change that you want to make

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  16. Henceforward I m fan of SanaMir #trueHumanBeing #Spirit kindly see their hard work before criticise them #WomenEmpowerment

  17. boht khoobsurt batein ki sana ap ne … etna piyra bolti hen ap Mashallah?? ALLAH ap ko sehat vali lambi umer ata kare

  18. Sana Mir! a legend! What an inspiration for girls in Pakistan. What a visionary dad she has. The only youtube interview channel I've subscribed to because I've really enjoyed the unusual people called here to tell their stories. Please call more people like Sana Mir, Sarmad and Shuja Haider. What geniuses. Meera's was the saddest because the poor girl was utterly confused and unsure of herself. Wish she would tell her real story, I feel she would get a lot of support in today's Pakistan. Maybe her story is still too much to handle so she keeps it inside. Good Job Rewind team!

  19. I also want to be a cricketer not to earn money or publicity but respect ❤️️ love the show

  20. Sana is An inspiration…
    A strong woman with such a beautiful n clear vision… #BeautifulSoul
    Love u captain Mir❤

  21. Sana Mir is a role model for every women, her hardwork, dedication towards women empowerment and sports is truly commendable. Saminaji you're always fabulous.

  22. Samina i m eager to know about you, i wish someone can interview u as u interview others…u r awesome !!! Love u

  23. What an amazing overall personality.It's not necessary for an individual to got married and compromise.May Allah Bless her with everything she wants in her life.

  24. Sana u are very humble and a good nature lady your life purpose is very good so keep it up My Allah Bless u more more and more

  25. sana mir ap keh ri hain k agr parents na many to who kary jo parents keh re hain
    to parents b to hamari ni sun rahy phr hm q suny
    I really want to become a cricketer
    I can't live without cricket
    cricket mere liye junoon se b bhr kr hai
    mere piyaar ki had bayhadh hai
    please help me SANA

  26. Wow, I got tears in my eyes listening to this. Sana Mir, you are my inspiration. So much poise, intelligence, and compassion. I pray for you and your utmost success in all your endeavours, whether be cricket or social justice.

  27. This girl is an inspiration to every Pakistani women…. We can make it in this world with respect and grace and IA we would… Ameen

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