San Diego Padres: Funny Baseball Bloopers

(Unofficial captions by Adam J Duncan) We just had an earthquake, boys. Feel it? We’re shaking. Yes… oh, there it goes. You yeah, you betcha. It’s still going… still a pretty good rumble going. Still going… Well that’s… felt throughout the ballpark, and some… minor after… rolls… …sends a foul fly near the Padres dugout, off the roof. That bounded right over the head of my sister from Pinconning, Michigan. “Did it really?” Her husband Roger, he was ducking… Come on! That’s my sister we’re talking about! The fans behind them get the souvenir. Check this out… This is Fister against Cameron Maybin. One Out. Strike One. Strike Two. Strike Two. Ball One. (Another foul) Welp, Strike Two again… Ball Two, that’s a 2-2 count. Ball Three… Take your base (how bout that) whoops… That is amazing. And that walk right there is the one run that has scored in this game. Let’s see if he throws over again… Whoop, there should be time, a paper airplane came flying down and landed right on Home Plate Now that’s a young aeronautical engineer. That was impressive! Montero says, “How in the world does a paper airplane make its way all the way down right to Home Plate from the Upper Deck?” High fly ball to Right Field and that ball is hit well Back goes Upton, leaps… And he can’t get it, it’s a Home Run! That ain’t happening again, there! You have better reaction than us. I don’t understand why you guys need the pexiglass. So he’s right, if you look through Home Plate, to the far end of the dugout, that’s where Mark Sweeney is located. Hey buddy. Nice bald head.

26 thoughts on “San Diego Padres: Funny Baseball Bloopers

  1. Its good you slimed it down to a few bloopers. Cause usually a padres blooper real consists of their whole season 😉

  2. Excuse me "Alex B 36" I'm a huge Padres fan and your literally disrespecting every single Padres fan

  3. Ozzie Smith, Gary Templeton, Ken Camineti, Tim Kennedy, Alan Wiggins, Kevin McReynolds Tim Flannery….

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