SAMUEL UMTITI / ALEXANDRE LACAZETTE | Schéma Tactique 🎨🖍 | Team Orange Football

I’ll look at the camera otherwise I’ll laugh if I look at him. Alex, today we’re in the same team. I’ll try to make you guess people or things You’re going to have to be smart, reactive and it’s on! Draw, brother. Wait, wait. A stadium! Bellecour!
-No. No that’s how I saw, that’s Jacobins. You were right in the beginning. Gerland Stadium.
– After? The Bad Gones ? No no no, stadium stadium stadium. That’s better. What’s that? Stands? A football pitch. What are doing? A sun? No… Remember this thing? Janson!
– No. You don’t remember this? A typhoon?
– No, I messed up everything… I don’t know actually… Parc OL? Parc OL, Parc OL. Aulas? No, the sea! Well done, well done, well done, he said it, stop! Aulas?
– Yeah! How was I supposed to recognize this? Actually I wanted to draw the stadium, and then explain. Afterwards, I realized it was wrong but turned out good! I should have done this in the first place. A jersey. A player. A keeper, Lopes. Lisandro, Gomis ? Me? Yeah you If it’s about Lyon, I wasn’t number 9. Oulala, that’s not a big deal. Keeper A tree?
– That’s his body. You draw very well.
– I haven’t drawn in so long! Everybody has the same face for me. Football boots? Laces? Do you recognize? I don’t know if you remember.
– Lacombe?
– No! The head. What’s this? I don’t even know how to draw him. Me before. What’s this? Is it a feminine?
– Don’t go too far Black shoes? A ref? No.
– You know who it was? Yoann Gourcuff. I don’t even know how
– Ah he got injured, the b**** No no… That’s the important part. That’s just… Oh, the Copa!!!
– Yeah! Yeah, I wanted to do something like… don’t go too far! What’s this? I wanted it to be his jersey. That’s the hair, and then I don’t know really. Don’t remember how he used to style his hair. I didn’t really like your drawings. You can do better. Now you’re going to see what’s a proper artist. Yeah big boy! With the snakes you drew on his head… Here we’ll see if you’re good I didn’t get it but Juninho? Yeah. How did you not get it? It’s a wall.
– It looks like rail. It’s a wall. Oh thank you I did great!! I’d say Pain perdu? You’re not far, but no. Brioche? You’re not far. With a sausage in it. That’s so good. You only draw sticks, it’s crazy. Gotta be fast. Not a wall? Defense? That’s us. You need to find which one. You need to find the name. Yes but no.
– yeah! I think we’ve been a team. We’ve been united, very solid even though at the beginning he thought I was against him. When I see that drawing, I think… That’s Yoann, he used to go to the gym a lot to get stronger. You can see it worked with his biceps. his triceps, his quadriceps. He was very strong. And that?
– That was a mistake. You see, painters, sometimes, when they… And those are the Copa Mundial Yo used to wear. Legendary.
– He went a bit overboard with those. That’s his haircut. Yeah that’s his haircut. I had forgotten… I tried. It’s easier with Alex. Here I want to give a proper message. To Ousmane Dembélé. You weren’t good enough, once again, as I said. You’re still young Ousmane, you’re still young. He is mature, on the other hand. That’s why we made a great score.

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  1. Quand est ce qu’on saura qui a gagné le maillot de Kolbe ? Parce que le tirage au sort etait il y 1 semaine et tjs pas d’infos…

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