Salah vs Lovren: Lunar New Year Table Tennis Challenge

And the loser… LAUGHTER – Did you lose?
– I did. – 2-1?
– Yeah. And it was 18-3, so now, 19-5. You play until you win, that’s the problem. Ah, stop crying, you lost. That’s the rules. Pre-season I think. Even before, I think. Who won there?
Who won there? Every day battle… No, the question – who won there? Can I just tell my story?
Seven, eight-day battle, but altogether, he was the better player. He is the type of guy, what I am doing
on the pitch – defending. He’s attacking. He’s attacking
all the time, on each point, if you keep playing and playing
with him he gets nervous and he loses. I think it means a lot. This means more
than the Ballon d’Or, I think. So… – Yeah, it means a lot.
– It will have a special place in my house. ‘Welcome to
the LFC Table Tennis Challenge, ‘we have the Egyptian King, Mohamed Salah, ‘versus his good friend
and World Cup finalist Dejan Lovren. ‘It’s the best of three sets,
the first to 11 points, ‘and you have to win by two clear points.’ 2-0. ‘And a big start here for Liverpool’s No. 6.’ 2-1. ‘But Mo getting back into it.’ 3-1. ‘Previous winners of this competition of
course include our manager Jürgen Klopp, ‘so let’s see what these two have on the table.’ Oh, my goodness. ‘Dejan Lovren going for a smash,
just missing it.’ The ball is heavy? ‘He couldn’t believe that one.’ Sorry. Ah, unbelievable, eh? You always win the first one, so it’s fine. 4-3. ‘And this really is as competitive,
by the way, as it gets. ‘Between two winners.’ HE GROANS – 4-4?
– Yeah. ‘Very close opening set here,
the best of three.’ Do we have any ballboys here? ‘Of course they’re great friends, these two. ‘Oh, and Dejan Lovren
edges two ahead here.’ Sorry. 7-4. ‘It is a big lead so far
in this opening set for Lovren. ‘But he’s let Mo back in it. ‘You never write off the Egyptian King.’ What is wrong with the ball?! Yeah. Change the ball? ‘Dejan Lovren feeling there’s
a lead weight or something in that ball. ‘He’s gone for a smash,
but Mo defends it well. ‘Big finish – oh!’ I love this camera, this angle of the camera. ‘Dejan Lovren is close here
in this opening set. ‘And he’s getting closer. ‘It is set point for Dejan Lovren. ‘Look at him poised. ‘Can Mo stay in it? ‘No, he can’t. ‘And it’s too long from the Egyptian King, ‘and it’s the first set to Dejan Lovren!’ Want to change? – Do we change or do we stay?
– I’m fine. – OK.
– I start. 1-0. ‘So the boys are not
going to change ends here, ‘and it’s a good start by Liverpool’s No. 11. ‘Mo Salah signalling his intent
that this Table Tennis Challenge ‘is far from over. ‘Frustration for Dejan Lovren so far. ‘Great shot though from Liverpool’s No. 6.’ 4-1. Did you ever see this technique?
Unbelievable. ‘That is unbelievable, I can’t think
of a better word, Dejan. ‘Magnificent shot from Mo Salah.’ Sorry. ‘Just like the shots he does against the
best goalkeepers and defenders in the world. ‘And Mo Salah is flying in this second set. ‘Or is he? Dejan Lovren senses an opening. ‘Mo Salah, to stay in this challenge,
has to win this set… ‘to square it at 1-1, can he do it? ‘Some nice rallies here,
showing some lovely technique.’ Did he touch? ‘7-4 to Mohamed Salah here at Melwood. ‘Dejan Lovren refuses to budge. ‘Mo Salah is getting close here. ‘Powerful drive from Dejan Lovren, that one. ‘Oh, 9-7, Mo Salah two points away
from levelling the set.’ So it’s out. 9-8. Yes! I’m not saying sorry! CHUCKLING: Brilliant from Lovren. – Can you say sorry?
– No. – I don’t have to.
– You cannot say sorry for this? – I don’t have to.
– You don’t have to. OK, now we start playing serious. ‘I told you this is competitive, folks, didn’t I? ‘Set point for Mohamed Salah here.’ Yes, come on. ‘Lovren refuses to let him have it. ‘Can Mo win this point though? ‘Yes, he can. ‘Can Mo Salah hold his nerve here?’ 1-1. ‘And the Egyptian King levels it up. ‘And isn’t he happy about that?’ Shall we do 21? – 21?
– 21. – I start?
– Yeah, you start. ‘So, in a twist to the game, both players have
agreed to increase the points needed to win ‘in the deciding set to 21. ‘We rejoin the game with
Dejan Lovren leading 15-10.’ Did it touch?! Two times. – No?
– Just get the ball. Ref! Where is the ref here? There is three cameras. It bounced, I will see it in slow motion later. ‘There is a dispute. Quite clearly
Mo Salah played a nice shot there.’ Hey, that was… What?! No, no, no! Yeah, but the ball was here. – Please, ref…
– Does it count? Does it count, really? But the ball… Yeah, yeah, yeah,
but it comes from here to there. What are you doing?
W-what are you doing? I don’t really know the rules,
but the ball came to here, then there. – Please, go take a book, read the rules.
– I don’t know, I don’t have to. It’s out or again. The rules are, if it pops, touched,
and comes back to here… No, no, really, it’s counting for him
or it’s inside? We can do it again. We do it again?! Yeah, because it was easy for me to shoot it. Why… Shoot, score, then point,
and then you talk. Honestly, it was difficult or not – it was easy. – Now you’re taking my point, it’s OK.
– No, I’m not taking the point. Let’s go again, OK, no problem. ‘I told you it’s competitive! After all that
they’re replaying the point, ‘with Dejan Lovren six points
away from victory. ‘Nice by Mo Salah. ‘Lovren aiming for powerful drives,
and he’s getting closer, Liverpool’s No. 6. ‘What a rally this is, can Mo finish it off? ‘Oh!’ You post! ‘Off the outside of the post,
Dejan Lovren curses that one. ‘A couple of rasping drives
from the Egyptian King. ‘Oh, into the net. Mo Salah getting frustrated. ‘Of course Mo was saying to Dejan Lovren
he is the better table tennis player ‘coming into this one.’ What I’m doing, what I’m doing this? What am I doing? ‘Two points in this one,
it’s getting tense as we near the end.’ Yes! ‘Big point for Dejan Lovren. ‘Three away from victory. ‘Remember, in each set you
have to win by two clear points. ‘Neck and neck, this one, this is some rally. ‘Powerful drives!
Somehow Mo’s kept that in play.’ YES! ‘Oh, he’s hit the net! ‘Unbelievable! ‘Dejan Lovren can’t believe it,
just watch this. ‘He’s gone for the spectacular finish. ‘Ohh, deary me. ‘Can Lovren regain his composure?
Yes, he can. ‘Two points away from victory.’ Oh, my goodness. ‘Missed it, just.’ Yes! ‘Match point, Dejan Lovren. ‘Can he do it? ‘Can Mo Salah stay in it?’ – Where is the…?
– Touch? ‘Dejan Lovren is the champion.
What a match.’ This is there… That’s a lucky game! – I love that, wow.
– Good game. I’m not smiling probably,
but it was a good game. – But this is a fake smile, I feel it.
– You won it, you won it! – It’s a fake smile.
– Yeah, but you won it, it’s fine. Now, we can show to the world
who is the best in ping-pong. No, no, listen, listen. You won two games,
that doesn’t mean you are better. It’s fine, it just means you won today,
but it doesn’t mean you are better. – Thank you.
– Good game today. I have to give it to you. Thank you. That’s a fake smile.

100 thoughts on “Salah vs Lovren: Lunar New Year Table Tennis Challenge

  1. There needs to be a new chant for Mo:

    Mo Salah Salah, whatever will be will be
    Youre now in our family
    Mo Salah Salah

    Mo Salah Salah, whatever will be will be
    So why dont you come to tea?
    Mo Salah Salah

  2. El Liverpool las tira de muy vergas, pero el día que se vuelvan a topar con el poderosisimo Real Madrid…. igual serán nada al lado del Gigante de Europa 😎🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  3. I cant believe how good this is to watch!! They should have an LFC players ping pong tournament. Will be a great watch on LFC TV.
    YNWA 💯

  4. Absolute Classic .. l always thought this friendship was for the cameras, but you can see that thay a true friends .. love it 👍

  5. These two have always been tight, I'm sure Dejan needs things like this after his injuries and Gomez returning to form. Sure we'll see Dejan soon enough though.
    After watching win at Wolves last night I'm still nervous, if we blew it now the team would never recover.

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  7. Don't see subtitles in your language? Click here to translate the video title/description and subtitles and you’ll be credited in the description:

  8. I always spelled it Lovern, I've been doing that for years and nobody ever corrected me. That is why I'm a so called Grammar Nazi, if I notice something misspelled or bad grammar I will correct them, they'll never learn otherwise

  9. منورين يارجاله صلاح ولوفيرن
    مع اني مش فاهم حاجه بس يلا عادي 😂

  10. OK, Lovren, tell Salah that our forwards need to practice their finishing to cut out the missed big chances! 😉
    Should also have asked that legend Steve Hunter to throw in a random:

  11. تابع فيديو (كيف تصبح مليونير )على رؤية جديدة,,مهم..

  12. Egyptians are the best squash players, so I would have thought some of that would have transferred over to table tennis for a Salah! 😂

  13. Got to love and laugh at how their natural competitiveness is making them take this so seriously. That ego sniff from Salah at 4:07 when he goes three up!

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