S. Korean men’s football team embarks on journey to N. Korea for world cup qualifier

now disappointing news for football fans
here in Korea Tuesday evenings highly anticipated World Cup qualifier between
South and North Korea is unlikely to be televised alive however the game is on
and the South Korean squad is on their way for their first inter-korean game to
take place in Pyongyang in nearly 30 years S&J reports the South Korean
national football team who left for Beijing on Sunday on route to Kyung
hyung were greeted by football fans prior to their departure from Incheon
International Airport Korea Football Association officials including cafe
president Chung mong-koo were also seen wearing the same jacket
as a squad on the chest South Korea’s national flag the Taguchi on the back
and in English Korea Republic according to the KF a the outfit was designed
especially for the match in Pyongyang to emphasize the nation but for the players
winning the match is the only thing on their mind it’ll be difficult artificial
turf isn’t easy but will come and come back with their victory the match in
Pyongyang will be a unique experience for the players there will be no South
Korean cheering squad the teams will play on astroturf and the South Korean
players have to follow regulations related to the UN sanctions on the
regime the prohibit athletes from bringing mobile phones or tablet PCs
into North Korea while swapping jerseys at the end of the match is tradition in
the sport since South Korea’s kid is made by an American sporting brand this
too will be forbidden but some of the players welcomed the restrictions we
can’t even have books I think it’s good players will have more time to talk and
we see it as a positive despite the match being the first of its
kind in 29 years football fans will not be able to watch the match live north
korea has an answer South Korea’s cause to allow civilian spectators journalists
and broadcasting crew into the North Korean capital for the match
barring a dramatic last-minute development the South Korean national
team will likely compete in a hostile environment with tens of thousands of
North Korean supporters in the stands but no South Korean fans with no live
broadcast fans in South Korea will have to follow the match via online
commentary on the FIFA for Asian Football Confederation websites Eason J
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