S. Korea loses to Japan at Premier 12 Super round; rematch on Sunday

South Korea lost to Japan 10 to 8 on
Saturday at the last Super round game of the premier 12 baseball tournament in
Tokyo controversy emerged as some Japanese fans in the stadium were
spotted with the Rising Sun flag which is considered a symbol of Japan’s
wartime aggression the Korea baseball organization raised the issue with the
world baseball soft-foot softball Confederation the match on Saturday was
little more than an exhibition for both countries though with South Korea
already securing its Olympic berth on Friday and Japan automatically
qualifying as the host country the two rivals will clash again in the premier
top 12 championship final at 7 p.m. later tonight

6 thoughts on “S. Korea loses to Japan at Premier 12 Super round; rematch on Sunday

  1. Stop the stupid Korean propaganda. The rising sun flag is approved and quite popular all around the world. Fix your own evil South Korean War Criminal Flag.

  2. South Koreans never condemn the pro-Korea, anti-Japan Asahi Shimbun newspaper, whose corporate flag is, interestingly, quite identical to the rising sun flag. South Koreans, why don’t you criticize the Asahi Shimbun first? Your failure to do so clearly shows that you are not offended by rising sun flag, but that you just want to criticize Japan for no valid reasons. You just have racist attitudes towards Japan. Also, when I points out the case of the Asahi Shimbun’s flag, no South Koreans, I repeat, no South Koreans, have ever respond th my comment. Absolutely no mention of the Asahi Shimbun’s flag! So interesting! By the way, not many Japanese are interested in this series. We don’t really care whether Japan or South Korea won. We don’t like sporting events joined by South Koreans. The Rugby World Cup series last month was far more watched because players and fans are civilized, which couldn’t have been possible if South Korea had taken part.

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