Running Techniques For Baseball Speed|Fix Running Mistakes

what’s up now listen have you been
following me around this spring and summer you will see that been around a
bunch of travel baseball and I’ve been around some college baseball and I’ve
seen the three same common running mistakes everywhere I’ve been so today
I’m gonna talk about running techniques for baseball speed and want to fix
running mistakes three common running mistakes see it a
minute all right folks Ronnie can be out of here
aka coach Ronnie I’m gonna do with the arcade strength training YouTube channel
we are achieving goals maximizing potential now let’s dive right into the
top like I said I’ve been all over pretty much North Georgia and South to
into this sub that’s bringing some three mistakes I’m gonna talk about those
mistakes we want to give you remedies for those all right so check it out
that’s really common running mistakes I’ve seen number one your arms are
crossing the midline of your body so what am i saying there this is what we
don’t we run when we run see how my arms are crossing the midline of my body
that’s an energy leak right there we call it data energy leak because you’re
running straight ahead but your energy is traveling this way this way across
your body all right when you need to go straight ahead so actually your arm
accents would be more like this all right sighs so you’re gonna stay
right around 90 degrees right right around 90 degrees and you think you need
to remember you’re going cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap straight ahead
going cheap cheap all right that’s what you need to remember so I
want to emphasize stay away from the midline of the body and relax and you’re
breathing in through the nose – so he’ll surely quick remedy for this is the
cat’s paw groom I did this with a football player I can’t the other day
corrected it as heels my key issue just like that underneath so your throwing arm somewhat
your leg parallel to the ground and your toes up 99 straighten it down pull it
through the ground pull it through when I say pull it through you don’t want to
spend a lot of time back here so you do this you can see right – cracking
underneath my hip I’ve seen all summer heel striking instead of striking with
the balls of your feet that’s y’all turn
drill we doing this drill you strike again striking with the volley feet
something to remember something we call the credit-card rule all right the
credit-card role is you just have enough room under your foot when it’s right
it’s like a credit card underneath the heat all right three quarters of the way
to your foot there’s gonna be in the bottom of your feet okay not the toes
people say oh no the balls of your feet all right now the last one that’s the
most common one you want to see really anybody running you’re not getting your
knees up you’re not getting your knees up I cannot get your knees up you set
yourself up for all the types of things that go wrong and your game you can do
something simple just rip your not get your legs up and get them through all
right so a simple drill for this you’ve probably seen them you might have seen
this a foot you can’t go wrong with this right it’s just a wallet so with the
wallet room you stand your spell on the balls of your feet like we said always
in the balls of my feet that’s what I power it on the straight and then turn
the head I’m gonna start with one leg up and you’re gonna switch and you’re out
now I’m still pushing the ground away I want to straighten out that left leg on
the wall good all right nice and tall good
posture straight line from my heel to my ear so I need to straighten that back
leg up switch call them put them away for now straighten that back leg up sit
and switch now way we do this drill that was a one Swiss I will show you a double
switch real quick let me show you a triple switch real quick okay check it
out tell the switch so straight line on my
heel 90 90 here toes up my feet all right that’s a double strip double
switch give one more simple switch there’s gonna be a boom like triple
switz boom boom boom here we go all right folks a little hotter prep
here but we’re good your blue is I don’t know what now cuz I
can’t see without my glasses but we got it in right we got those three mistakes
let’s go to the mistakes again crossing the midline of your body that’s a no-no
he’ll strike that right heel striking forcing you to pull your body pulling
your body over your foot as opposed to pushing the ground away all right then
we have low knees you gotta get those knees up the honies can lead to anything
going wrong when your run all right like I say just basic it’s tripping when you
don’t get your knees and your toes up remember turn my youth we’re talking
what you told me you’re running toes – you know remember the 9090 toes – you
know all right so those still out of breath those are the three mistakes and
then you got the three remedies all right so both players travel ball guys
college guys this is what I want you to do I want you to go over this video make
the adjustments I want to see some improvement on that field okay I want to
see that proven on proven in the field I need a wooden bat leagues college
leagues and these travel ball tournaments I want to see these getting
up Perry make sure you kids see this watch this
video so we can improve on their gait prove on it running style and get some
results all right so once again if you found this video valuable please like it
share it and definitely subscribe I just hit 400 subscribers today I’m
thrilled so we’re on the road to 500 then we’re gonna head to 1k all right so
you guys have a great upcoming weekend this is coach running here wait I got a
question for you let me know what your running mistake is how I can correct
your running mistake comment on the leave that in the comments down there
and that is it coach Ryan coming at you straight out of Alpharetta Georgia I am

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