Rules of Golf Explained: Ball Unplayable (New for 2019)

Sometimes your ball ends up in a place where it is impossible or difficult to play from. Only you can decide if your ball is unplayable. You can make that decision anywhere on the course except for one… when your ball is in a penalty area, where the penalty area Rule applies. When deciding a ball is unplayable, you have three relief options… but all come with a one-stroke penalty… The most frequently used option is to drop within two club-lengths of the ball… but no closer to the hole. The second option is to imagine a straight
line from the hole… through the location of the unplayable ball. Choose a spot on that line behind your ball… then drop and play from within one club-length of it, not nearer the hole. And the least frequently used option is stroke and distance… which means you can go back to the spot where you last played. There is a fourth option that only applies
when you decide your ball is unplayable in a bunker. More on that in the video about bunkers.

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