Rules of Cricket – Anglican Psalm Chant

1. Addenda to “The Laws of Cricket”, as
written by the | M. C. | C. : Two thousand code,
second e-|-ditión . two | thousand . and | three 2. With more than one hundred nations now
playing the wonderful | game of | cricket:
it is necessary to write specific | rules for |
cer-tain | territories 3. These rules must be taken with | all due |
seriousness: honour, gentility, | and a | pinch
of | salt. 4. The first MCC tour took place to the
United States of America in eighteen | fifty |
nine: nevertheless, they are still hopeless at
the sport, | Ha ha | Ha ha | ha. 5. France, despite being silver medal holders
of the Olympic | cricket | title: have | little . to be
| proud of | either. 6. No suggestions shall be heeded from America
as to how to “liven | up the | game”: things
perhaps have gone far enough already, we are
now playing at night, to piped music, in pyjamas,
with dancing girls, white balls, no, scrub that,
pink balls; that reminds me, | must | go and |
wash my | box. 7. My beloved spake, and | said | me:
“Oy you! You’re going to the cricket again, me
and the | kids, we | ne-ver | see you..!” 8. In Europe, it is important that each side
respect one a-|-nother’s | territory: occupation
of the crease will not be achieved by the laying
down of towels, even in the morning session, and
remember to polish the | bat, not | bat the | Polish. 9. The cut will be the most effective stroke in
the | Middle-| East: Nota bene – some of the
English team | shall be | half-| cut. 10. If, at the behest of the captain, any player
should bowl re-|-pea.ted | no balls: the umpires
shall have the power to empty their | pockets.
of their | bundles. of cash. | W G | Grace

10 thoughts on “Rules of Cricket – Anglican Psalm Chant

  1. Same chant used back in the 1960s by a group of schoolmasters from Abingdon School set to the words of the Highway Code

  2. I would love to have the pointing and words. Used to sing the Highway Code to the same chant, which was always a good encore for church concerts

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