Rotator Cuff Exercises For Baseball Players (EXPLODE Your Throwing Velocity!)

– Hey it’s Coach Justin from Ultimate
Baseball Training and today we’re talking rotator cuff exercises and just
overall rotator cuff and shoulder health I’m gonna provide you some exercises
some of my favorites to really help you strengthen your rotator cuff and your
shoulder and keep your arm healthy and I’m also going to point out some tips
that I really think will help you maximize your time spent doing these
different exercises so without further ado I think you’re gonna like this one
let’s jump into it all right so this very first exercise is called banded
dislocate so obviously you’re going to need a band for this exercise and in
fact all of these exercises so that’s the first step go to your local sporting
goods store or hop online get yourself a pair of bands I’m telling you your
rotator cuff and your shoulder will thank you later I promise you all right
but banded dislocates alright so the very first thing is you want to grab the
band with your hands separated like this and it’s important to note that you want
tension okay you don’t want the bands like this you want to maintain you want
to start with tension and you want to maintain tension throughout this entire
exercise okay so we got the overhand grip going on right here we have tension
and we’re just gonna start with our hands down by our side here like this
and then all we’re gonna do is we’re going to slowly this is not a super
quick exercise we’re gonna bring the band up like this stretch at the top and
then come down like this and then come back okay see that like this and then
come back okay and you’ll notice you really want to try your best to maintain
tension throughout the entire movement okay you don’t want to start with
tension here and then when you get towards the top see how my hands are
kind of going together and I lose that tension here so I don’t want to come to
the top and lose that tension I also don’t want to I want to try to avoid you
know coming to the top like this and then being you know doing one shoulder
first and then the next shoulder ideally you want to do them as close to the same
time as possible but this is a great exercise to warm up your shoulder great
for mobility this is one of my absolute favorites to do as the very first
exercise before practice or a game or even just when you wake up and you get
out of bed in the morning this is an exercise it’s really good
help loosen you up so I’d highly recommend it the next exercise we’re
gonna get into is band pull up arts and so for this one we’re gonna have a
similar grip but we’re gonna start out actually with underhand band pull apart
so similar grip to before but we’re gonna flip our hands again start out
underhand now for this one again we want to focus on with all these exercises
tension okay maintaining tension is absolutely huge I think a common mistake
that you’ll see what this is you know all we’re gonna do is we’re gonna hold
our hands out in front of us like this and a lot of times you’ll see again that
lack of tension here and then you also see you know when people go and do a rep
and then they quickly snap back and lose that tension like this and our goal with
this needs to be to try to maintain tension throughout the entire exercise
okay so we’re gonna start with tension just like this okay and all we’re gonna
do it’s simple is we’re gonna slowly pull the band apart like this and then
back and you see how I maintain tension I’m not letting my hands travel it’s not
like I’m knocking my hands together and then going out like this and then
knocking them back together I want to see where my hand started my hands
started here so I’m gonna pull them apart and I’m gonna return to just that
position there and then start the next rep you can feel that when you maintain
that tension throughout the entire time it’s a much better exercise than just
whipping it back and forth like this okay so that’s great for your a rotator
cuff it’s great because we have external rotation when we’re doing the underhand
grip and then we can flip it around and we can do the overhand grip okay so same
grip is with the first exercise with the dislocates okay start with your grip
like this again I start with tension and I maintain that tension as I pull apart
and as I come back and then these last two exercises you’re gonna have to put
your bands on offense so you need access to a fence put your bands put the clip
about shoulder height alright so as I kind of buckle in here one thing that I
want to mention before we get too far into the video and before I show you
these last two exercises is you don’t want to overdo these really pregame or
pre practice before you’re throwing you don’t want to in other words exhaust
your rotator cuff before you actually go out and compete it’s good to do these
exercises before you play before you pitch before you throw before practice
it’s great to do them but your goal before practice pre throwing pre
practice pregame should be activating your rotator cuff it should not be
exhausting it alright if you’re looking to exhaust your rotator cuff I would
save that for after practice or you can really make incredible progress with
doing these exercises in the offseason all right but just understand that every
time you’re throwing you’re using your rotator cuff right so it’s getting a lot
of work you definitely don’t want to exhaust it before you go out and throw
or play a game or pitch or whatever because that’s going to help you know
cause injury and obviously we want to avoid injury that’s why we’re doing
these exercise in the first place so just remember before you play just
activate and then after you play it in the offseason that’s when you can do a
little bit more of them to exhaust your rotator cuff alright but let’s hop into
the last two exercises alright so I got it shoulder height we’re gonna do
internal rotation and external rotation so let’s start with internal alright I’m
going to turn this way and again it’s about shoulder height I’m gonna start
out with my elbow about shoulder height we don’t want it down here like this we
also don’t want it up here about shoulder height with my elbow here okay
and then all we’re going to do we’re gonna get again we’re gonna maintain
that tension throughout the entire movement and we’re just going to focus
on we want to keep our elbow stationary okay we don’t want to be moving our
elbow all over the place like this we want to keep our elbows stationary and
we’re basically just going to turn our palm down to the ground and then back
okay internal rotation all right and again we
want to avoid we want to keep that tension not only you know between us and
the fence but we also want to keep that tension we don’t want to go forward and
have good tension and then just whip it back like this alright or whip it back
too far and lose that tension so start here palm to the ground and then return
to that position okay and try to avoid losing tension and then after we do internal rotation
we can flip it around and work external rotations so again our elbow is going to
start about shoulder height we don’t want it down here we don’t want it way
up like this about shoulder height and our elbow remains stationary and we just
externally rotate to here and back we try our best to maintain that tension
throughout the entire time try these exercises out let me know what you think
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