– Welcome, my name’s Adam Bazalgette, two time Teacher of the
Year down here in Florida, founder of Scratch Golf Academy. Rory McIlroy, one of the most
exciting players in golf. We’re going to have a
look at his swing today. Try to give you a couple of things you might be able to apply
that he does so well. So stay tuned. (upbeat music) So we’re going to have a
look at Rory’s swing here in just a moment here. We’re not going to do it
in great, great detail, but we’re going to go
into some of the things that make him such an effective and particularly such a powerful hitter, and I’m going to come back at the end and give you some ideas as to how you can apply those to your game maybe a little bit. If you like this video,
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both free and otherwise you might want to check out. Let’s have a look at Rory here. Okay Rory McIlroy here. This is more recently. That’s the 18th hole of Bay Hill. The thing I would point out with Rory is there’s obviously a lot of
great things with this guy. He’s always been a good
player by the way, phenomenal, phenomenal junior player
in Northern Ireland. He’s got great God-given talent. But he hits it really, really
far for a guy his size, for a guy any size for that matter. But whereas Bubba Watson’s 6’3, 6’4 Rory’s about 5’8, 160ish. Now he’s gotten a lot fitter and stronger in recent years
for sure, and that helps. But he’s always had this gift for power. A lot of it’s just his God-given talent and his fast twitch muscles, but let’s look at a couple of components you might apply that would help you. First off, very athletic posture, balance here in the balls of the feet. A lot of people couldn’t get their back to look quite that straight based on their natural physique, but he does a great job of it. And here’s a couple of
things I’d point out for Rory that you might apply to yourself. Really great looking backswing there. Lots of information on that
on our videos at Scratch Golf, so let’s leave that alone. But notice how he kind of drops his arms in behind him a bit coming down. You can see that little inside loop there. If we look at him hitting a wood here, you can see those arms
kind of drop behind him. It’s almost like there’s a
little bit of this type of loop. Now on Trackman I’m told from good sources that if that’s the target line at impact, he’s swinging in to out more than almost any other great player. You don’t want to do too much of it because you won’t have
any directional control over the ball, but when the
club drops back in behind him it creates more distance
between golf club and ball than it would if the club was over here. And I promise you, if you’re
going to get maximum speed, you’ve got to keep the club
as far away from the ball for as long as you can
as your lower body works, so that there’s that last
second whip in there of speed. So Rory drops it in there behind him. Never goes out and
attacks the ball too much. Another thing you see him do that’s a hallmark of long hitters, watch how his head
lowers as he starts down. Tiger gets incessant criticism
on TV for doing that. Tiger has always done that and you see great players
do that throughout history. So I don’t know why they
pick on him so much for that. Now, certainly Tiger does his a lot, but watch Rory lower his body. All he’s doing is he’s grabbing
the ground with his feet so that he can spring and use
his hips harder as he hits it. You’ll see baseball players do that as they get ready to
step in to bat the ball. Grabs the ground, he let’s
the club drop behind him and then he just whips it through there. Now let’s have a look from in front. There’s Rory a little bit younger, not quite as buffed out
and fit as he is now. Well he’s pretty fit, but not
quite as thick and strong. Watch how, if you see the
golf club in space there, watch how as he starts down he really lets it load
back towards him there. Again, you’ve got to have some flexibility but a lot of that is great sequence. So if you picture that
white post back there, he’s letting the club load towards him, and as we saw from the other view, back there towards that post. And again, as his hips get going, that golf club now has
a long way to travel and that’s where he gets that speed from. Great release too. You’ll see his hips going. Now watch his hips stabilize right there and you’ll see the energy just
snap out to the golf club. Hips get there, they stabilize, whip of the club, and
then he goes through. So a very, very powerful swing. So you start to get an
idea there with Rory as to how he hits the ball so far. Again, a lot of it’s God-given. He’s a super, super talented kid there and he’s got a great body for
golf, but again not a big guy. So here’s a couple of the
things I would recommend as you start to practice what he did. Get a golf club, if you’re
a right handed player, turn it upside down, grab it in one hand, and if you were going to picture skipping a rock,
that kind of a motion. Or if you were going
to beat a carpet there, start to feel what it’s
like as you start down to feel that this club
sort of loads behind you and stays as far back there as possible, and again very elastic
relative to your body, and see how far you can
let the club get behind you before it whips back in front of you. Then of course, you can try it with two
hands on the golf club, nice and soft in the arms. And again, practice that transition where you can let the
club bounce behind you and then whip through. It’s really not that hard to do. I promise you. Not so easy, necessarily,
when the ball’s on the ground and you’re worried if you’ll
even hit it when you try that. So what I would do first
is I would get a tee. Just stick a tee in the ground,
make some smooth swings, and clip that tee. Let the club work behind you and clip that tee as you go through. And once you’ve clipped
it pretty successfully, a tee isn’t that intimidating. Put a ball up there. We’re not looking for
tons of speed initially. Feel it on that scale, a little easier to hit it off the tee. And gradually build some
confidence and build some speed. See if you can incorporate
this into your game. It’ll really help you. The final thing we saw Rory do so well, once he’s loaded it and it’s behind him, hey, he doesn’t just drag the
club through and waste it. He gets down in there and pops
the energy out into the club. So see if you can practice
that a little bit. Once you’ve made your move and the clubs behind you a little bit, firm those hips up and feel the snap of energy
out to that golf club for a really nice robust
pop of the hands there. That’s sort of an idea there. If you can free up and even
incorporate this to some extent, I’m confident you’re going
to hit the ball further, maybe not quite as far as Rory, but you’ll definitely
going to hit it further. If you like the video, please
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  1. Good analysis of a great hitter.  I've been noticing how players plant their left leg about a 1/3 of the way down and straighten the left leg.  That causes the hips to turn and generate power.  It also keeps the hips from sliding too far forward.  Like the baseball player you mentioned, the left leg is the anchor.  It's takes a while to figure out the timing of it but it's a lot sooner than I used to think.

  2. You describe what he may have been doing, but not how. How does he shallow the club in transition? How does he Squat and Spring? Do you know? Does anyone really know?

  3. The fundamental questions we have is: Does Rory set up to sling from the inside as a function of his body motion, especially the Squat and Spring or does he Squat and Spring in reaction to the powerful hit he is preparing to deliver with his upper body? Golf biomechanics people say there is a kinematic sequence and a kinetic chain. But those discussion of alleged science are often lost in technical jargon, marketing and internecine disputes. Nonetheless, traditional swing analysis needs to step up with more sophisticated analysis beyond description with lines and angles, and attempt to delve into forces and torque for it to be relevant.

  4. I think that showing / analyzing pro's swing, like for instance Rory's, can confuse if not mislead an average player! I'd rather watch your golf instructions which are based on down to earth teaching skills and philosophy! And I do, enjoy your "normal" video's instructions! Another words, this one was completely useless to me! Adam

  5. Great video. Very well explained. I have been trying to emulate Rorys swing. Probably have the backswing positions as good as they get for my age. Lol. but was having problems with sequence of downswing. Much clearer now Thx

  6. Isn't letting the club get behind you the problem that caused Tiger to "get "stuck" in his downswing & cause him to hit it to the right many times?

  7. Just subscribed and really enjoy the videos. I am always looking for good information to pass on to my 13 year old son. He has natural athletic ability in all sports and has been golfing on and off since he was 7. We only play about 3- 4 months a year. I purchased the V1 golf app and was wondering if you are able to view videos and give online lessons.

  8. Tiger gets criticized for that because the commentators just make random observations on his swing and assume that it's the problem even though it's not true

  9. Adam I,m impressed you replied on every comment. Liked your analysis…Whats not to like on this video….Power..With Rory you can not only see it but actually feel it….and hitting it past everyone is part of that great feeling in golf, even if it is a little off line. No need to reply take a break…

  10. in my view, Rory also has one of the best swing finish moves….I don't see this point mentioned in the video…I try to emulate but without any success…

  11. I recently saw a video of Maria Fassi's swing. I think Rory and Maria could be the same person as far as their swings are concerned. Amazing power from both!

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