Romania women to dominate European table tennis scene?

The 2017 European Team Championship from the 13th to the 17th of September, as competitors from all over the continent travelled to Luxembourg to fight for European glory. Both the men’s and women’s tournaments featured three divisions, and the Women’s Championship Division saw Romania produce a stunning result as the second seeded team achieved a gold medal finish in the top division. Romania defeated the defending champions Germany in the final by a 3-2 scoreline to lift the trophy for the first time in 12 years. Success for Romania at the European Team Championships may be considered as somewhat of a surprise outcome, but could this just be the start of a successful future for the team? Elizabeta Samara is the current leader of the women’s team, and was crowned Women’s Singles champion at the 2015 edition of the European Championships. Daniela Monteiro Dodean is another useful player for Romania and proved vital to the team’s title winning campaign at the recent continental Championships, picking up shock victories over the likes of Portugal’s Yu Fu and Germany’s Han Ying. Then of course there’s Bernadette Szocs who continues to show great progress in her game, and at the age of just 22 there is plenty more still to come from the young star. However, arguably the most exciting part about the future of the Romanian team lies with the country’s youth development which appears to be thriving. Adina Diaconu emerged successful in the Junior Girls’ Singles category at the 2017 Europe Youth Top 10 competition and is considered to be one of the strongest youth players in Europe. While Diaconu didn’t make a match appearance at the European Championships, the fact that she is being included in the Romanian national squad is a big sign of the team’s confidence in her abilities. Andreea Dragoman and Tana Plaian also represented Romania in the Junior Girls’ Singles competition at the Europe Youth Top 10 event. The 2020 Olympic Games are only a few years away and I would expect to see the familiar Romania lineup of: Elizabeta Samara, Daniela Monteiro Dodean and Bernadette Szocs receive call ups to represent the country in Tokyo. However, by then Samara and Monteiro Dodean will be in their early 30s while Adina Diaconu, Andreea Dragoman and Tania Plaian will all be in their early 20s. Germany will of course continue to be a regular fixture at the top of the European scene for a good while yet, and then there’s also the Russian team to consider which achieved a bronze medal finish at the 2017 European Championships. But, if the youth system continues to blossom in Romania then the team could be set for a very bright future indeed. What do you think? Could the Romanian women’s team go on to dominate the European game? Or do you think that another country will excel instead? If you liked watching the video and want to stay updated with the world of table tennis, then please click the subscribe button. And, if you are a subscriber then make sure you hit the notification bell so you don’t miss any future content from SD Sport.

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  1. well, I strongly believe in Romania – as you said, next gen is coming strong, Germany and other countries for sure will import more and more Chinese to counter (this is where money goes) …but I still bet on Romania

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