Robstown Cottonpickers have their sights set on state baseball tournament

EVERYONE .. .HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL TAKES CENTER STAGE TONIGHT WITH DISTRICT PLAY IN 31-4A OPENING UP ONCE AGAIN… EXPECT SINTON AND ROBSTOWN TO BATTLE IT OUT FOR TOP HONORS .. LAST YEAR.. THE PIRATES BEAT ROBSTOWN IN THE REGIONAL FINALS… AND THE COTTONPICKERS ARE USING THAT AS MOTIVATION IN HOPES OF MAKING IT BACK TO STATE FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 2011 PKG ALAN (nats) THEY LOVE THEIR BASEBALL HERE IN ROBSTOWN.. TWO STATE TITLES.. SIX TRIPS TO AUSTIN.. .. FANS PLAN THEIR VACATIONS AROUND THE STATE TOURNAMENT SOT ELIAS VASQUEZ ROBSTOWN HEAD COACH our community support is unbelievable, there is so much knowledge about baseball in community because they have been around it for so long and our kids play at a very young age. They start playing in the little leagues, the pony leagues and select ball so yeah they are in tune to what’s going on around the baseball diamond THEY CAME WITHIN JUST ONE VICTORY OF MAKING IT BACK AUSTIN LAST SEASON.. LOSING A HEARTBREAKER TO SINTON IN EXTRA INNINGS.. NOW THAT’S MOTIVATION SOT Austin Kwiatkowski infielder you know it was a bittersweet moment you know, playing in the fifth round against your district rival and falling one game short.. Yeah,it hurts a lot you know it’s really driven us back to work and we’re waiting for district now (nats) make sure we’re here and pay attention where the balls are going and where your’re next throw is going to be, ok, just like it’s in a game THIS COTTONPICKER TEAM IS DEFINITELY BUILT FOR A SERIOUS RUN AT STATE.. ALL OF THE STARTERS ARE BACK EXCEPT AT FIRST AND CENTER FIELD.. victor moreno p SOT this team man we are loaded this year. We have a lot of pitching, defense is looking great, outfielders are looking good and the hitters are awesome SOT jessie gonzalez ss yes sir, we have the ability every single year. We put in the work, we all have experience, everybody learns from one another. We are just trying to make it there every year SOT we always want to win a district championship, and then get rolling but as long as we get in the playoffs we know we have a chance. It’s a new season once you get to that point and we feel like we can make a pretty good run every year VO (VO TAG) YOU CAN ALWAYS COUNT ON THE COTTONPICKERS TO BE PLAYING BASEBALL IN THE MONTH OF JUNE.. THEY WILL BE AT INGLESIDE LATER TONIGHT .. . VO ALAN LET’S HEAD UP TO

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