Robinson Chirinos and His Charmingly Round Cheeks ⚾ (Baseball Booty Tribute)

In a sea of mediocrity, Robinson Chirinos stands above the average but somehow he’s always left out of
the conversation when we talk about b**** If he were a pop star or some reality show
contestant, you can bet someone would have recommended him by now. don’t forget to watch and compare him with my Cashner and Gomez videos. Back in 2017, they were on the Rangers. Let’s take a few minutes to give him some appreciation. Thanks for watching. Subscribe, and follow me on Twitter @WhibbyG

31 thoughts on “Robinson Chirinos and His Charmingly Round Cheeks ⚾ (Baseball Booty Tribute)

  1. DAMN…And a handsome face and great hair too!!! I'd love to be the laundry boy for that club!!! They'd never know my name, just by, " that guy that wears dark glasses all the time!!!???? VIVA LÉ ASS!!!!????

  2. An above average fit and toned butt. He doesn't exactly have that "wobble, wobble" I like. But he is FINE, very good eye candy.

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