Robbery victim pummeled with bat, horrific video shows

 Los Angeles police released new surveillance video on Wednesday in a bid to crack the case of a brutal beating and robbery that took place in January  Authorities say the male victim was walking with two women through the parking lot of a hotel on Sepulveda Boulevard in Van Nuys early on the morning of Jan 18.  As the group was walking through the lot, one of the women motioned with her hands to a man who was nearby The man, who was wearing what appeared to be a brown or orange hooded jacket, dark pants and white tennis shoes, attacked the victim from behind with a wooden baseball bat, striking him multiple times in the head  The victim fell to the ground unconscious but the suspect continued to beat the man, striking him repeatedly in the face with the bat until one of the women appeared to intervene  The suspect then walked to a nearby vehicle, discarded the bat, then returned to where the victim had collapsed and stole the man’s wallet and cellphone from his pockets All three suspects then fled the scene, police said.  Police suspect the women lured the victim to that location  “He thought he was going to have sex, but the girls lured him out to get some beer, and that’s when, you see in the video, the female motioned for the suspect to come in for the robbery,” LAPD Detective Peter Barba told KABC  The man allegedly met the women through a social media dating site, according to KNBC

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