RMR: Rick and Beach Volleyball

[upbeat music] Rick: Welcome to Downsview Park
in Toronto. This facility was once
a Canadian Forces base, men and women came here to be
trained for the theatre of war. Today, young Canadians come here
and prepare to do battle of a different sort,
on theOlympicbeaches of Rio de Janeiro. Welcome to the Canadian National
Beach Volleyball Centre of Excellence. Today, I report for duty
and get sand in my shorts. [Laughter] [upbeat music] Rick: Standing now on the beach
with three members of Team Canada. Hello. What’s your name? I’m Jamie Broder. Rick: Jamie. Kristina Valjas. Rick: Jamie and Kristina,
you’re a team, correct? Yes. Rick: You are ranked where
in the world? We’re currently ranked eighth
in the world. [upbeat music] Heather Bansley. Rick: Heather, and where’s
your partner, Heather? She’s in China right now
on an indoor contract. Rick: So I’m guessing that
I may be paired with you today. Hopefully. Rick: Which is excellent
because we are basically the same height,
so we may be the same — Skill level. Rick: Exactly. I think maybe we should
do some drills maybe. Is that what you call it? I think it’s time. Rick: Okay. What does one wear for that? Well, the women usually wear
their bikinis. And men, they’ve got their
board shorts, and they can wear a tank top or
sometimes they’ll go topless. Rick: Like those guys. I’m in the best shape
of my life. I can go topless. Let’s do this thing. Suns up, guns out. Beach volleyball. Dudes. [Laughter] [♪♪] There, you want to the ball
to hit right here. Rick: Okay. And that won’t hurt? Not that I care because I’ve got
a high pain threshold, but does it hurt? It hurts more if you get it
in the face. Rick: Really? Yeah. Rick: Can’t hurt the face. This is the money maker, right? Use your legs. There you go. Rick: Use my legs to do what? Are you allowed
to use your head? Yeah, you can use any part
of your body. Extend those arms. Flex your muscles. Rick: I’m flexing. I can tell. Rick: That’s me flexing. That’s okay. You know what? That’s actually really good. Rick: Like for a Grade 6
level or something? Better than a Grade 6. Rick: Better than Grade 6. You’ve played before. Rick: Sports? No. Every sport I’ve done
has been on television. Like people say, “Do you ski?” Oh, yeah, I ski. Every single moment on skis
has been on TV. What are you ranked
in the world? Fourth. Rick: And you’re eighth. Yeah. Rick: Wow! That’s just amazing because
I don’t know if you know this. There’s a lot of people in the
world, and a lot of them have played volleyball. Don’t let the ball hit the sand. And we only have three touches. Rick: What does that mean? So we can only touch
the ball three times. Rick: Okay. Before we put it over. Rick: Okay. So if I go boom, boom, boom,
then it’s got to go over. It’s got to go over. Rick: Okay. I love my life because you know
what, most people couldGooglethe rules, whereas I get like
an Olympian to tell me them. [upbeat music] Rick: Was it okay that that ball
scared me even though it wasn’t going fast. [Laughter] Rick: When I do a hundred steps
on this, it e-mails me and says good job, Rick. Good job, Rick. Rick: I’m at 1400 steps. Most of that is at night
getting up to pee. [Laughter] Look who it is,
Sam Schacter and Josh Binstock. Hello. Hello. Rick: Good to see you. TwoOlympichopefuls. Sport Announcer: Thunderous
applause for the home side Josh Binstock
and Sam Schacter. Binstock setting Schacter. Point Canada. Rick: I would like
to see you play. I will ref. Okay. Okay. Rick: Well, I won’t ref. I’ll stand on the ref’s platform
and try not to be hit by a ball. What does ref say now? Serve with the… Rick: Serve. Nice. [upbeat music] Rick: Failure for the men. Point women. Whoa, failure? Time out, ref. Rick: Is the shame killing you? Time out. Thank you. Rick: Time out to deal
with the shame. [upbeat music] Ref? Ref? Rick: Yes, I’m watching. Women’s point. Serve. [upbeat music] Rick: Ooh, nice. Ball out. Point, men. That time out worked. You see? Rick: Time out worked. Jamie, I’m subbing in. We’re teammates again. Yes, okay. Rick: How does one serve? You’re pretty advanced. Rick: Yeah. So I think you can handle
the overhand serve. Toss the ball up
with your left hand. Rick: Yeah. And you want to follow through
with your right hand as high as you can. Keep the hand up nice
and flat and open. Rick: Okay. Oh. Pretty good for your first time. Rick: Made him run. Made him run. I love the fact that you guys
are like anticipating even though like you’re
world class athletes. And you know the chance of it
even going over the net are nil. It’s engrained in us. Rick: But you’re making me
feel good. My confidence is high,
I can do it! We’re expecting it. Rick: This is the scene
in the movie where he does it right now. Yes, it’s over. Game on. Game on. Set me up. [♪♪] Rick: Oh, yeah. I’m still looking. Ready?
Are you kidding? Look at me. I’m like a cat in a litter box. When do I block?
When do I block? Now. This side and then jump. Woo! I beat Rick Mercer. Rick: And that is going
to be my ring tone. Thank you. Good luck in Rio. Thank you. Rick: Good luck in Rio. Thank you, teammate. The last spike. [Applause]

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