RHP Football | A Short Documentary by Skyler Li

From our 14 CIF championships to all the great team we’ve had Year after years over 50 years of football I’ve been around for a lot of it And I just appreciate the tradition of winning And success we’ve had As far as our games in general The game of football Is one of the few things in society we have left Where you can Actually teach through experience Mental and physical toughness And that’s lacking, I think in a lot of young people these days And we can teach it through football And I think we do a great job at that in RHP We have a fun team We have a fun group of kids this year, for example Great group of families with that So its a pleasure to go out Even if it’s a hundred degrees out on a summer day It’s fun It’s fun on those evening practices, and games at night when it’s cool downed a little bit too So I say that would summarize it for me The tradition, family atmosphere and the consistent winning products we put on our field and the great young people that are parts of it that’s what I appreciate most, and love most about Rio Hondo Prep Football Our goal, quite simply is to win a championship I understand coaching here expectations from the alumni Players, fans, parents it that we win championship and we fully embrace that As far as other goals, you know We want to teach the young men, through football the things we talked about in meetings, and in preparations during practices and teach them those life lessons that’s important too So they can carry it with them upon graduations, colleges, careers I think we do a great job at that as evidences by our alumni and the great things they do after they leave our program To those future RHP Kares and anyone thinking about coming to our school I’ll look at it this way if you want a great education if you want a great high school experience It’s not a mediocre high school experience A great high school experience and you want to play championship level sports we are talking about football now Championship level football we’ve won the second most CIF championships in the whole southern California if you want that, then come to Rio Hondo Prep and that’s the kind of student athletes we’re looking for the kind of young people we’re looking for the people who are winners in the classroom outside the classroom and of course on the field

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