Review Sanwei Target Europe 40+ [table tennis experts]

Today I tested Sanwei Target Europe Europe as the Germans would say 40+ the latest Sanwei product the manufacturer says it is for professionals I invite you to a summer camp Golden Ball table tennis in Krakow and Gdansk information can be found in the description I tested this cladding on the DHS PG2 board normally on my board which I use every day alternatively on the second board I had glued Gold ARC 8 which is of similar hardness we tested, we compared how these claddings behave in different elements my first feelings are that this cladding has very much control there is not a super catapult but there is control + rotation rotation from this cladding is interesting does not give us a lot of impulse to the hand we do not feel that we are adding a lot of rotation but the effect on the table is surprising because this ball can be hooked from each opponent’s ball and we surprise with the rotation that flies for sure at the table in the first zone the speed of this cladding is standard for such a primer 47.5 hardness compared to Gold_Arc_8 the speed of both is comparable gently, Gold Arc 8 is faster the control of this cladding is at a very high level I think it is one of the more control claddings I’ve tested so far I’m sure it works very well at the table from the table a little worse the catapult on this cladding is not high this cladding does not throw the ball hard Forward We are sending the move from the hand almost like from Chinese but it is very helpful at the table in playing elements for the opening on the other hand, it is worse from the second of the third zone and in contrast to the topspin the hardness of this cladding is quite high Gold Arc 8 has this top softer and the overall feel of the cover hardness is softer here, the cladding is a little harder there is also the Europa FX version which gives you even more softness I think there will be more catapults there for people who are looking for a bit softer cladding the weight on this cladding is noticeable by gluing this cladding to your set I immediately felt that the set became a bit heavier I think people who do not like heavy cladding they will not be happy about it however, it has its pros and cons because the stability of the games thanks to it is higher this cladding works best in short elements at the table, at the topsin opening at the block, it also has big pluses this cladding was the worst against the topspin there definitely compared to Gold Arc 8 she missed some of this catapult to throw the ball firmly on the table and surprise the opponent I tuned the cladding before the test I do it with almost every cladding so that there is a comparison to Gold Arc 8 also which I had tuned to see how they really behave in relation to each other so that we can have a full comparison Sanwei is a cladding much less susceptible to tuning this version of Europe absorbs much less tuning than Gold Arc 8 I think that with such an amateur game for the third league this cladding is definitely on the forehand maybe at a higher level of technical training people would be happy to use it on the backhand however, it gives very little impulse to the hand and amateurs will definitely not want to play this cladding on the backhand if it will give so little experience during the game this cladding is less susceptible to rotation of the opponent so the reception of the website is very good and we receive it briefly and in a point we also give very high rotation from the cladding compared to Gold Arc 8 which I had used monthly this rotation on my typical website which I often use it is very unpleasant and this scythe is really strong I think that the cladding really works on the site as I said the sooner the topspin at the table is extra with the topspin from the second third zone weaker can this cladding replace tenergy, bluestorm or cladding? I think that there will be people who will be able to use it this cladding using the right choice of board I think that many players playing in the leagues would be satisfied with this cladding and people who play a rotating topspin base their game on the game in the first zone so as not to move too far away from the table I think they will be satisfied from this cladding This is fun because you can give a lot of rotation and our opponent does not even know at the beginning Where are the points from us? these sets will definitely not look spectacular after playing this cladding but they will certainly be effective this cladding certainly has no such characteristic sound – click and many people who like sound like clicks however, it will be disappointed with this cladding as I said, sooner she does not give too much impulse does not give too much experience and amateurs playing a little less technically will be less satisfied because it does not give too much opportunity for correction during the game I think that Sanwei cladding the service has been receiving a lot easier versus topspin played harder against the DHS liner because she had a catapult, and after the ball the ball changed the parabola for the biggest asset of Sanwei I consider good reception of the website you can play the ball for a short time on the channel you will find a lot of interesting information about table tennis remember subscribe and welcome in a week

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  1. Można złożyć paletkę z deską joo saehyuk i czerwoną gumę butterfly roundellhard i czarną stiga china extrime?

  2. Please, English subtitles. I can't understand a single word 🙁 thanks for Sharing.

    BTW, Would you considered GA8 a replacement for MXP? I can get it at 25€, which is 11€ cheaper than MXP in my country

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