Review Friendship PRESTO Speed [BONUS Harimoto Tomokazu Exercise] #tabletennis

As a gift we give to You element which enhances footwork and overall motion by the table. This exercise was invented basing on Harimoto Tomokazu’s play. Modern Table tennis requires strong backhand play and very good footwork. Mastering this exercise will let you startle your opponent. Inverted forehand and backhand provides very different trajectory of the ball. Ball’s direction from this type of shots will help you get more points. Today we are testing Friendship Presto Speed. We can choose in sponge’s hardness between 42 and 47,5 degree When testing the rubbers doing this exercise I can say the softer one gave me more possibilities. I could play with bigger mistake margin and more from under the table. Playing 47 I had to play hard from above the table from uplifting ball. Spin effect was passable. High tensile rubber is used with macroporous sponge. The rubber is specially designed for purpose of increasing attacking speed, the sponge combines the speed and controlling feel. It has fast attacking speed and long arc, is suitable for horizontal backhand and straight horizontal with features of quick tear and flipping attack. Rubbers were tested in case of change of the spin. The 47 required harder shots above the table. Playing top spin from backspin forces to use lot of speed. There was more spin than on the 42. Control and feeling was being worse. 42 degree gives more stability. You can play from more places by the table. 42 matches more with my playstyle. On defensive 42 and 47 both performs well. Both can generated tonnes of backpin Backhand top spin from harder rubber is more dynamic. Ball after a full proper top spin motion is hard to block. The ball flies fast and flat. The 42 gives more stability. However, it doesn’t surprise the opponent. 42 is more certain in play and has got more feeling. 47 lets to play more aggresive. Block using both of rubbers was stable. On one here or there rubbers we feel a rebounce after a block. Here, by flat shots, the ball’s trajectory always will be in direction of the net. We have to give extra a little bit of motion to design proper shot direction. There is not a shot that can surprise us. Presto speed gives a stable block, better than on vast majority tensor rubbers. I didn’t feel any difference in block between 42 and 47,5 Passing and flip gave lot of difference between 42 and 47,5. Playing 47,5 causes a few problems. Harder rubber gave not enough impulse to the hand. Flip was tough to make. With 42 it is easier to play short. I was surprised the flip is so easy to make and is so powerful at the same moment. For short play 42 is much better. Summary: The Friendship company made non-sticky rubbers for European playstyle in good price. Rubbers from PRESTO SPEED series allow to powerful top spin play. The harder 47 degree is less versatile. If we put booster on, it is better. 42-degree rubber allows to very stable top spin play and short play. These rubbers allow to play modern table tennis on fast carbon blades. On slower blades these rubbers will suit better for amateurs and half pros. This type of progress brings Friendship nearer and nearer to the highest quality rubbers which the pros are using. The only thing there is lack in these rubbers is the feeling the competitors offers. In low price we get very high spin, speed and durability. Players who are searching a set for a quite long time with high parameters will be surely content.

10 thoughts on “Review Friendship PRESTO Speed [BONUS Harimoto Tomokazu Exercise] #tabletennis

  1. Good review. When you mention that the sponge is 42' and 47' is that on the DHS (ie Chinese) or ESN scale? They are different hardness. Also, about the sponge, is it the newer style that is more porous?
    Thank you.

  2. Nice review as usual, but it's quite expensive considering it's a chinese rubber. I wouldn't take a risk if i can get any Donic Bluefires at 30€…

  3. amazing review! how do you compare Presto Speed 42 with Goldarc5 and Ak47 Blue? Also, did you use Presto Spin too? Thanks!

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