Review Dr.Neubauer Matador Texa [table tennis experts]

We tested 7 Matador Texa plywood boards OFF-type a great board from Dr. Nuebauer on the backhand side, this board is varnished thanks to that it is good for players playing pivots The board has two spacers from Texalium it is something very similar to carbon Texalim is a glass fiber with a thin layer of aluminum we record this opinion after two trainings which gave us more conclusions on this board I played Tenergy 05 and Sword Scylla PRO claddings which I play on a daily basis this board is quite hard it has a really quick reflection this board in relation to my previous or Primorac it’s really fast because of stiffness because this board has artificial fibers, the stiffness of this board is really big this board is really fast so you need to have some grasp before buying it and I would say that it can be used for modern defenses plastic balls forced the defenders to have faster boards because it is difficult to give rotation to plastic balls making it easier to play with harder balls this board in relation to my previous or Primoraca is relatively heavier I would put Tenergy or Bluefire or Bluestorm linings on this board if someone prefers Chinese equipment, DHS Gold ARC 8 and I recommend tenons and antytopsin on the painted side The manufacturer says that this board is dedicated to tenon and antytopspin and I think he is right I would recommend the board to competitors who need more power in the game but they also use spigots players who control the ball, however, I would advise against this board this board is best played with strong forehand games this board behaved well in the first and third zones with a strong forehand attack defense in the second zone with a spigot gave a really large amount of rotation among others by varnish on the backhand side the elements that played the worst part were playing darts because to have control over this board you have to give a lot of your own strength to strike Dr. Neubauer tried very hard with the quality of this board in this board, every detail was taken care of for example, the layer of lacquer on the backhand side is perfectly even and the handle has no damage and it is very good in the hand this board is innovative because there is no other product on the market I think that there will be a few people who will adapt to the style in the description you will find a link to the equipment of Dr. Neubauer thanks to watching, subscribe I invite you for a week to the ALTS Tri-City channel

13 thoughts on “Review Dr.Neubauer Matador Texa [table tennis experts]

  1. Można było trochę więcej powiedzieć o tej desce,np to jaki jest rozmiar blatu.Dla wielu osób to ważny detal.

  2. ALTS Trójmiasto I guessed what you will test from Dr.Neubauer and wrote in the comments whether there will be a reward?

  3. Hi I want your suggestion, what inverted rubber is good to put Matador Texa on the FH side? tensor rubber with soft or medium or hard sponge?
    For better control & and easy for topspinning

  4. Hi, have you try passive block orpush block with longpimple/anti rubber on matador texa ? Is it produce a low trajectory rebound ball ? thx

  5. Hi there, I want to ask. Which one between Matador Texa & Spinlord Ultra Carbon Defensive better on the backhand side, for passive blocking & chop block ? applied with anti/longpips rubber… thank you guys !

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