Review dr neubauer K.O.

My name is Łukasz Czysz and I play at AZS AWFiS Gdańsk the spigot was tested on the board by Timo Boll Spark we tested the dr neubauer KO spigot this is a novelty from the range of dr neuabuer it is plugs released at the end of last year and Dr. Neuabauer boasts that it is his best medium spigot the cladding is done very well and there is nothing to cling to my first feelings are that it’s hard to play with the cladding you must definitely dodge it it is not a cladding that grabs and she plays it herself right away the rotation of this cladding is quite high, you have to watch out for the rotation that gives the opponent giving your own rotation when it comes to bottom rotation then the rotation is easy and it is felt that this cladding gives rotation It is a little harder for this cladding to give top rotation compared to short stubs or plain facings after a few moments after trying to tuck this cladding it becomes possible the speed of the cover is similar to the one I play currently I’m currently playing a short stub Butterfly Challenger Atack the pans themselves are quite soft however, we have a hard foundation here which makes the cladding speed at an average optimal level it is not too fast or too slow the control of this cladding is very good when it comes to passive play It was a little worse for me to control the ball in an offensive game the disturbances are definitely much higher than in the cladding I play every day it seems to me that they are also big compared to other claddings I think my opponent had problems with reading the rotation that was broadcast by this cladding it certainly works very well in the block the block itself, although it is not the easiest to do it causes a lot of problems for the opponent just like, for example, playing a topspin scythe or some trimming the ball the worst thing is when you unscrew the website when broadcasting your own top rotation and I think that these elements are the hardest to do with this cladding I think that the cladding is intended for amateurs as well as people playing professionally I think that novice defenders will manage it as well as older people also they will not have a problem with covering this cladding however, it requires a few decent workouts to get used to this rebound and how to play I think I would not be able to play this forehand cladding the cladding is intended for the backhand only it is easy to receive both short and long services however, you have to bear in mind that it’s hard play the top rotation or topspin therefore outgoing websites will be the bane of the person who will receive the cladding behaves very well in the passive game it’s easy to play the lower rotation it’s easy to block I also think that it is meant for passive play in the active game, the cladding behaves a bit worse it’s hard to give your own rotation It’s hard to play topspin it’s hard to speed up the block that he would be such an active offensive I also think it’s a bit worse here however, everything is possible after training in the second third zone if we want to play a raise it’s the cladding that’s fine it’s a bit harder to attack from the second third of the zone play counterattack discard it’s getting a little worse I think after a long intense workout this cladding can become very dangerous and precisely because of this disturbing effect I think it would be worth trying this game in the league it is definitely something else something that allows for a combination game something that makes it difficult to play the opponent and something that diversifies table tennis, that is, medium pivots on the channel you will find more tests of other claddings, also spigots in the future I hope to make another test of short stubs Thank you for watching this material and we invite you to subscribe

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