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Hey guys, this is Mason from
Today I have a video for the goalies out there looking for new pair of gloves for their upcoming
season. Reusch has been one of the leading manufacturers of goalie gloves for years now and they’ve pretty much put it into a science. By rating the gloves based on how well they
perform in various weather conditions, how abrasion resistant and cushioned the palm
is, it allows you, the consumer, to find the perfect glove. The first one I’m going to talk about is the Keon Pro M1. The M1 latex is best when
used in dry conditions. The palm is highly abrasion resistant
which makes it a great choice for playing on field turf or other hard surfaces.
The next one we’re going to talk about is the Keon Deluxe G1. The Keon Deluxe G1 is going to have a palm that’s more cushioned and is going to perform
better in all weather conditions. Now the last three gloves
I have are all Ortho-Tec which have the fingersave technology that’s going to protect your fingers from harder shots. The Keon Pro X1 is the first one
we’re going look at that performs exceptionally well in wet
as well as dry conditions. The high abrasion resistance is also going to make it a great choice for playing on field turf or hard surfaces. No the Pro A1, however, is the gloves that’s going to actually perform better in the wet than it does in the dry conditions. With this comes a thinner palm that’s going to make it less cushioned and less abrasion resistant. It probably won’t be the one you want to
go to for field turf or harder surfaces. Now the last glove we have to
show you is the Keon Deluxe G2. Of all the gloves we’ve looked at today, the Keon Deluxe G2 is going to be the one that excels in almost every single category. The palm is well cushioned and abrasion
resistant which makes it a great choice for field turf and is also going to perform well in wet and in dry conditions. This is just a small selection of all the gloves we have here. So be sure to go to, hit the goalkeeper section and check us out.

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