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Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Edison asked us a question about how to return a short backspin serve effectively So Edison you’re not having too many problems actually getting it back on the table, But you’re finding it difficult to keep the other player from attacking you So the main thing to think about is to try and keep the ball as low and as short as possible If you can do that,
then it’s going to be really difficult for him But having said that that’s not that easy to do straight away, the things you need to think about are Firstly focusing on pushing the ball back short
So that should be your main aim Don’t try to do the backhand side spin flick
or to flick it to start with, Let’s just really focus on
getting a good short push return To do that. It’s just about experimenting with the angle of your racquet to get that right If your racquet is too flat
and the balls got a lot of spin on it, It’s going to go down If your bat up too much like that.
It’s going to end up returning too high so it’s matter of getting it just right and that comes with a bit of experience The other thing to think about is
where you’re focusing on hitting the ball. really focus on getting that return
just to the top of the net don’t try and think about pushing it forward too much just try and think about touching it So it’s going to touch the top of the net and go over That’s what you really need to focus on
to start off with returning that backspin serve effectively. To get a good short return try and keep your hand nice and soft so really have a soft grip that will tend to absorb some of the speed of the ball as well. All right Alois Some more great advice there about returning the backspin serve Now how do we actually practice those skills? What’s the best way to learn it? So one way is to get your training partner
to just serve a lot of backspin serves short to you And practice just experimenting with the angle of your racket to get it right that is probably the ideal way You can also practice it with some multiball
if you can get your partner to just feed out backspin multiball and to vary the amount of spin that they’re putting on that feed Okay. So that you need to watch that and adjust it a little bit All right so get out there practice it lots and remember to focus on those tips that Alois mentioned.

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  1. Good lesson here. One thing they did not hit on that I like to do is if the backspin serve goes long or does not bounce twice on my side of the table, that's a good ball to loop a return. For me it's not necessarily smashing it back but rather a soft, spiny, but still aggressive shot that lets me take back control of the point. And if they begin to adjust by serving short, then this lesson still holds true or you have to learn to flip the ball on that return if you want to attack.

  2. thanks 😀 i've been following you since i started playin so it's really nice to hear that from you, i just read his comment and instantly knew the problem, because i am a kind of player that always seize the opportunity to make a point on those kinds of serves

  3. If it is long, I'd recommend you play the topspin off backspin stroke. It's more attacking and will put you on the front foot in the rally. You can find a video of this on our website.

  4. Any tips on how to do a self-returning backspin serve? It comes back to the server after hitting the opponent's side of the net.

  5. Yes. It's a good party trick but in a real match situation you need to serve the ball too slowly for it to be effective. You need to generate a lot of backspin by coming right under the ball with a fast brushing action. Don't generate too much forward pace on the ball and have it bounce close to the net then just over the net. As the ball is traveling slowly, the spin will cause it to bounce back to your side of the table.

  6. thanks this is just what i needed… what would you reccomend for a cheap beginner bat im looking at stigas theyre pretty nice.

  7. Hi Alois, nice video. I often use this to return backspin serves. But when I play a few much higher rated players, I find them digging into my backspin serve extremely hard (many times their bat hits the table with a lot of force after contacting the ball – is this legal?). This results in their returns being long but at the same time extremely fast and with a lot more backspin making it too tough for me to loop. Which of these do you recommend? Ive tried it and its pretty effective I think.

  8. There bat is allowed to hit the table. In fact it's only their non playing hand which isn't allowed to touch the top of the table. However they are not allowed to move the table.

    A long fast heavy push can be very effective. If used too often though players will start to get used to it. You need to develop your topspin so you can make a very spinny topspin off this stroke. That will put your opponent back on the defensive.

  9. what if the serve is ery heavy and you have only one option:to chop it and iit gets away from the table and then he topsins?(sorry for my bad english)

  10. With more practice you will be able to keep the ball short. If you can't during a match, you might be better off pushing the ball long and wide to the corners to make it difficult for him to attack. Then you need to be ready for his attack and try to block it back.

  11. What if there's a bit of sidespin with the backspin? Is it better to compensate by changing your aim or is counter spin better?

  12. Especially to start with, I think it's better to learn to counter by changing the angle of your bat (in other words changing your aim). As you get better control you can experiment with trying to counter the spin. It's good to have more options but generally simplicity wins out.

  13. i got a question what rubber is better for me i prefer to add too much spin to the ball ant atack too so whats better for me.

    thanks for the videos they are very usefull

    regards from colombia 🙂

  14. Try not to focus too much on your equipment. Get something decent and then concentrate on improving your technique.

  15. I am looking for a good paddle to use when i play, could you give me a few recommendations? I am trying to keep the budget under $50.

  16. It sure is. We have a video on this. Search for "PingSkills backhand topspin off backspin". You can find it on our YouTube channel or on our website.

  17. there is a guy at my collage who puts a lot of backspin on it and i return with a fast top spin an he dose not expect it

  18. hi alois can u plz tell me how to return (attack) a very heavy chopped shot or very heavy backspin shot which has a good speed as when i try to hi harder the ball goes in the net

  19. Hello from Tetovo. I am 13 years, and I've watched almost all the videos of this channel. I have taken 2nd place in my country racing in tabletenis from 12 to 17 years.These videos are wonderful

  20. Top-knotch pointers guys, thanks for posting, it seems like the backspin serve was the only one giving me such a hard time.

  21. how to return a real low spin balls? everytime i try to return the low spin ball, the ball will hit the net and didnt manage to get over the net. 

  22. What if I do a backspin serve and it goes back to my side of the table without the other player touching the ball? Then it's my point, right?

  23. this is a pussy return, can't we return attacking? doesn't the banana flip somehow work against heavy backspin?

  24. Thank you for your awesome tutorials and your free service to the fraternity. I use a pimpled rubber phantom 007. not able to perfect my bank hand flick. please help me.
    reshepu, India

  25. Thank you for your awesome tutorials and your free service to the fraternity. I use a pimpled rubber phantom 007. not able to perfect my bank hand flick. please help me.
    reshepu, India

  26. Thank you for your awesome tutorials and your free service to the fraternity. I use a pimpled rubber phantom 007. not able to perfect my bank hand flick. please help me.

  27. Thank you for your awesome tutorials and your free service to the fraternity. I use a pimpled rubber phantom 007. not able to perfect my bank hand flick. please help me.

  28. Thank you for your videos, i started loving this game after watching these, i have problem in pushing ball with forehand and backhand with right placements

  29. We can not returning blackhand spin in heavy spin serve right? cause I found the problem when I was serving by returning blackhand spin from other player

  30. but there are some really good playerd i faced before who used crazy backspin serves and after i return their serve with a push, they either flick or loopkill it and its very hard to win THEm

  31. i have faced many strong players but when they spin serve i loose my racket's grip plzz advice me something on this problem

  32. 0:16 Alois's racquet touched the table. According to ITTF rules is it allowed to do so? Also what other parts of body, hands etc are allowed to touch the table. Could you make a video on it if possible??

  33. Hi pingSkills, I am having issues in picking up service from a left handed person. I am right handed person. My back hand is not as good as my for hand. Kindly help me. Thanks

  34. Worked really well initially for me but after some time players notice this and started serving half long or float serve then I got really smashed

  35. Thanks for watching. Visit the PingSkills website for more serving and receiving tutorials:

  36. Some players underspin is to heavy even for simple lofted return it becomes extremely difficult to smash or drive with fast top spin is it because of their rubber since I play at club level and as an average club player I have rarely seen such players with even simple returns having super spin. I am a regular fan and please help me and if possible do a demo video would highly appreciate.kind regards farrukh Lahore

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