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This pitcher could throw so hard his
fastball 2001: the Arizona Diamondbacks and the
San Francisco Giants met for an unremarkable spring training game in
Arizona. D-backs ace Randy Johnson on the mound. Johnson was one of the most
devastating pitchers ever and a baseball legend. The 6’10” lefty threw a pitch that
likely reached 100 mph, only it never made it to home plate. it was called an no pitch; you can even
hear gasps from the crowd. The one-in-a-million play wasn’t covered
in baseball’s Official Rules, so the umpires used common sense to make the
call. More than 15 years later, it remains one of the wackiest things to ever
happen in a baseball game. But some people weren’t amused. Johnson says PETA
even tried to bring legal action legal trouble over the freak incident.
Johnson and the Diamondbacks went on to win the World Series later that year, one
of his best seasons on his road to Cooperstown. Despite having a Hall of
Fame career, Johnson says he gets asked about the bird incident just as much as
he does about as many other achievements As he recalls: “It was a blurred growing
across home plate; the ball simultaneously hitting that blur, it’s
just hard to really put that in perspective. It happened so quick.” While he
doesn’t enjoy talking about Johnson seems to have made peace with it.
He made a dead bird the logo of his photography company a passion for which
he spends most of his time now in retirement you

51 thoughts on “Remember When: Randy Johnson Hit a Bird With His Fastball | NowThis

  1. I can respect fighting for fair treatment of animals, but this clearly seemed like a freak accident & not malicious intent.

  2. Geez call it whatever you will, happenstance, an unfortunate coincidence (from the bird's perspective) or simply fate Randy Johnson was not responsible for that bird's ill fated decision to fly in that direction at the moment. This kind of animal rights insistence is simply ludicrous.

  3. Every time you hit a bird on accident with your car you are apparently in trouble

  4. He was pitching at 100 mph you wont see randy johnson's ball not even with a magnifying glass . Randy the best pitcher

  5. Um… saying that Randy's pitch is so strong it could even kill a bird…. sounds weird. I'm pretty sure there are some kids who can easily throw a baseball fast enough to kill a bird.

    Now if his pitch was so fast it could kill a grizzly bear, then that would be something.

  6. Throws so hard his fastball killed a bird….that statement makes it seem as though actually killing a bird with a baseball is somehow difficult. It isn't. The only thing that could be considered difficult about this situation is when it comes to actually hitting a bird in flight moving laterally across your throwing path. To do that ON PURPOSE would be extremely difficult. But this wasn't on purpose, it was complete chance. To repeat this again purposefully, he'd be lucky to actually connect 1 in 100 times……

  7. I believe the family of the dead bird should be financially responsible for the case. If you watch it close enough the bird hit the ball, not the other way around. You can clearly see it, back and to the left, back and to the left. I bet another blind ref called on this.

  8. If I was Randy I would have been like. Ok Peta… Line up 9 people. If just 1 can hit a home run off of my fast ball then I'll give you a million dollars in honor of the bird. If not then I get to punch your head person right in the face…Oh what your president is a woman… That's just fine my wife wouldn't mind knocking some teeth out your head. PETA is a joke.

  9. PETA are idiots. The chances of something like that happening (again) are so astronomical, there is no way it could've been intentional.

  10. Peta are some people who overreact and exaggerate situation for gaining attention by people to take credit of fame this is in my text book.

  11. A cloud of feathers that was cool.  I wonder if they have a rule now regarding a pitch striking a bird before it got to home plate.

  12. Wikipedia:  The ball was near the plate when it hit a flying bird. After the pitch hit the bird, the ball was ruled dead. The bird was also ruled dead. In fact, this no pitch call is so well known that there are more Google search results for "Randy Johnson bird" than there are for "Randy Johnson baseball."

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