Release Point Drill • See The Ball • Improve Vision • Baseball Softball Hitting

When I raise my hand high, this is “position 1” 3/4 release is “position 2” Submarine release point is “position 3” You step into the batter’s box, as you are preparing to hit in a game As I start my wind up I will show the ball Over the top release point, you call out “1” 3/4 release point you call out “2” Submarine release point you call out “3” 1 2 3 I am going to pitch from the set position, you lock in on my head. As I come to the set, “shut down your mind and open your eyes” Focus on my head Player calls out “1” Excellent, again Close your mind, open your eyes, and relax Focus on my shoulder Player calls out “2” Player calls out “3” It’s all about picking up the ball, as soon as possible The earlier you see the ball, the more chance you have of success Allowing your eyes, and mind to read the pitch type If you can’t see the ball, you are not going to hit it You’ll pull your head off the ball and rush your swing to compensate for not seeing the ball If you don’t see it out of the pitchers hand, you’ve less chance to hit it If you start your swing too early, you’ve less chance to hit the ball You’ll “jump” causing your head and eyes to move, swinging and missing If you see the ball early, you can have bad mechanics, yet still have a chance to hit Player calls out “1” Excellent!

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