Receive-all: Table Tennis

This is the Receive-All, it is a multi-purpose
gripping aid that’s very simple to attach you simply slide your arm in here, you then
fasten these two velcro parts using the d-ring grips, this is how you attach the main base.
Once you’ve attached the main base you then have these holders which you can put in whatever
kind of tools you wish: DIY, gardening, household items, or sports equipment in this case. And
they go on very simply by sliding them into the main base and then closing them using
this metal bar. Once the metal bar has been pushed down, the aid is then securely in place
and we can go, in this case to play some table tennis As you can see, we were able to securely
hold the table tennis racket and perform a variety of shots without any danger of the
bat coming out. This item is the ideal solution for anyone with limited hand or finger function,
personally I would never have been able to perform these kind of shots or even held the
bat without it and not only can you use it for table tennis, you can use it for badminton,
use it for all sorts of sports. So this is available from the Active Hands store and
it’s great.

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