Recap: Women’s Volleyball vs. Boston College

Saved for the moment, Adeleye, Almanza for Mabry zipped it down the line Momentum carry from one set to the next
in volleyball Mabry hammers it off the block and out, long set and a block Got Harvard in the net, things seemed
to switch just a little bit with Vorhies Getting into the lineup there’s an
ace Wang McKnight into the middle,
blocked off the head of bomb stays alive Baum softly over the net, Rao, Wang, playing back sent Rao buries it Roberts Burbank the pass again Almanza back to Voorhies
this time she fires it through back for Strawberry blocked saved by bomb McKnight
back for West rejected pass from Roberts Burbank Almanza sets it up grave
cross-court off and down this Serves tonight and that one’s in you
called it off on the 10-foot line stroke is Mcnight strawberry again blocked
and it lands in on Adeleye. teams here stroke is Mabry, Almanza to the middle
Rauser Unable to handle it Roberts Burbank off
the block Mabry has to save it Wang, high set for Rao
stuffs it off the block it out Nearly an overpass, Adeleye tips it down

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  1. Olá, sou professor de Educação Física na cidade de Curitiba ( Brazil) e gostaria muito de conhecer a Harvard, vocês possuem cursos para áereas esportivas!!!! Grande abraço

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