Ready Position for Table Tennis

Hi I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Today
we’re going to talk to you about our basic ready position. In table tennis to start off
with it really important to get your body into the right position. Your basic position
is crucial to start off with we can’t stand there with our feet together we haven’t got
any balance. If I lean over a little bit this way I’m going to fall over and the same that
way. Similarly if I’m going to lean forward I’m going to fall over. So how do we combat
that. Firstly let’s get our feet much, much wider So that now we have some stability going
side ways. If we bend our knees we also develop a little bit of stability forwards and backwards
and more stability side ways. So now we’re starting to look like we can play table tennis.
Knees bent, feet nice and wide apart and your body compact. The next thing is to think about
where we position ourselves at the table. A lot of beginners make the mistake of positioning
themselves right in the middle of the table, but if we do that we can reach all the way
over there with our forehand but haven’t got very good coverage on our backhand side. So
we need to move ourselves across a little bit to the backhand corner. As a guide just
put your bat on the middle line, that will get you into a good position across the table.
Once we’re in a good lateral position we need to think about how close to the table we need
to be. If your to close to the table, if they serve the ball deep you’re going to be in
trouble. If your to far away from the table if they serve the ball short again you are
going to struggle to get in to position. So as a guide we’ve got our bat just able to
touch the table when we are in our basic ready position. Once we are in our basic ready position,
we can cover the whole table with one step. If the ball short to our forehand corner just
one step and we can reach it. Wide to the forehand, wide to the backhand, short to the
backhand. The whole table now is reachable with just one step. When receiving serve we
also need to consider where my opponent is serving from. If their serving from the middle
of the table your middle basic ready position is ideal, however if they are now serving
from over now wide in there backhand corner, we need to adjust. So from that backhand corner
they can get the ball wide out to my backhand but it’s difficult for them to go wide out
to my forehand. So I can just move a faction across to my backhand corner from here I can
cover the wide backhand and I can cover the ball down the line as far wide as they can
serve it. If the right hander serves from wide out on their forehand corner or if the
left hander is doing their Pendulum serve from over in their backhand corner we need
to think about moving a little bit more to my forehand area. From that corner now they
can serve the ball wide to my forehand but find it difficult to serve it wide to my backhand.
So rather than being in our central basic position we’re going to move a little bit
over to the forehand area to cut off the wider forehand serve, and then still be able to
reach the backhand down the line. In the rally we need to then start to think about where
we position ourselves. If the ball has gone way out over in that direction it’s no use
being in our middle central position because they’ve got a better angle out to my backhand
of course it’s even sillier to get way over into your forehand corner. So we need to think
about cutting off the angle of the ball. So if the ball is over there we need to position
ourselves in the middle of that area ready to cut off the angle they can get. Similarly
the ball has gone over to the other side of the table again it’s no use being in the centre
in your middle position because now the can angle the ball out wide to your forehand corner.
So let’s think about cutting off that angle and being in the centre of where they can
play the ball.

25 thoughts on “Ready Position for Table Tennis

  1. i think its cool how you held your bat in your right hand so the vast majority of people can relate easier to it, even though your left handed

  2. I love how you guys explain everything in a detailed, yet understandable way! Keep up the awesome work!

  3. @michaelmyers573 Both Alois and myself use a PingSkills Touch blade with Xiom Vega Pro rubber on both sides. You can order this from the PingSkills website.

  4. I'm really enjoying your videos and practicing the movements. Your explanations are simple and straight forward, bravo!

  5. Excellent … I can now include some of this in my book, 'Winning' [coming soon] with reference to the ready position.
    Thank you

  6. I play ok-types ping pong, and not that novice in this game. but where I become weaker, is the ready position, foot work and back hand.

    the ready position looks good, but how do you intercept, the tricky serves? some players serve, looking at one direction, but serving to the other!

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