Raptor Report – Baseball Tryouts

When most people think of baseball in the
fall, they think about the season winding down and the World Series. But at Montgomery College, the fall is actually
when baseball season begins. Because after a very short 2 and a half month
off season, it’s time for tryouts. We’re looking for guys that can compete, we’re
looking for guys with good grades, we’re looking for guys who are on time; all those little
things that make up a good team. Not necessarily the, you know, all talent,
it’s a combination of everything. You know, it’s, it’s we’re looking for good
teammates, good kids, because like I just told our team, we’re here for ten months with
each other and that’s a long time. And the fall tryouts are not a luxury, they’ve
become a necessity. Because every other team in the country, every
other good team in the country, is playing in the fall, is getting better in the fall
and um, you know, it’s like I said, it’s not a, well, maybe we’ll start, you know, January
first and you can get away with it. You can’t get away with it because you’ll
be way behind the eight ball and um, you know it’s proved for us to be very, a very important
thing for our team. Along with tryouts, the Raptors will play
a schedule of 20 scrimmage games against MDJUCO teams, the University of Maryland Club team
and others. So it’s a great thing for us to do, to be
able to evaluate our guys, to really figure out what we have to go over in the winter,
you know, to prepare them for the spring. This year long commitment to MC baseball and
the student athletes has paid off big time. 8 of last year’s 11 graduating players have
moved on to four year schools, on scholarship, to play baseball at the next level. Yeah, we usually get 4 or 5 maybe 6 but 8
was an exceptional year. That team last year was very talented, they
had a great year, you know they won the Region, they won the Districts, they, they, they held
themselves at the World Series and um, there was a lot of talent on that field last year
and we were lucky to be there to coach them and there was some good kids too. Dan Rascher has taken his teams to the NJCAA
World Series 9 times in the last 11 years and he gets a lot of satisfaction out of that,
but as he looks at the bigger picture, he’s come to realize his program is more than just
about the numbers. I’m starting to put it more in perspective,
you know, if, um, you know just talking with people, if, you know, if you can’t win the
National Championship and if you base your season on winning that every year, you’re
going to be upset a lot. All right. I’m kind of looking, and I was stuck in that
mode for awhile, you know, and I’m kind of looking at the whole picture of what we’ve
accomplished, where our kids are going, the schools. You know I get emails from our graduates,
how you doing, what’s going on, you know, um. You know, if we happen to um, get out to that
World Series one time and win it, that would be, that would be great. But, like I said, um, when we do go out there,
we’re going to give it our all, and it’s not you know like our guys don’t try, um, they
put it all out on the field all the time and you know, I’m starting to enjoy that a lot
more. And as he enters his 12th year as Head Coach,
he still has the fire. If um, if I can’t get excited on a day like
today, it’s time to hang them up, you know, because, like I said, I always say it’s a
long process. You got to be willing to do it and um, it’s,
it’s just, you know, it’s been a great experience for me the last eleven years, and I hope it
continues. For The Raptor Report, I’m Michael Brown

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