100 thoughts on “Raider Nation: Football’s Most Passionate Fanbase | Americano Episode 1

  1. We so loyal and we dont deserve these losses in 2019 the week after the loss to phoney kc uuuuggghhhh ??‍♂️

  2. There is no other NFL team who’s fan base is as lit as the Raiders. Games r so ratchet and hype, makes your hair stand up. Will miss them when they leave Oakland

  3. The raiders have the most passionate fans??? They don’t lnow sh*t about the game they think because there a fan there in a gang!!! How many “latinos” are in the nfl??? F*ck the raiders f*ck raider fans!!! FAITHFULL!!!

  4. Why is everyone repping a Carr jersey? Dude played like garbage last Sunday and is a mediocre qb at best. We as the raider nation deserve better.

    Sorry someone has to say it.

    Go Raiders

  5. Im sorry i like the Raiders probably more than the cowboys but even though im a browns fan there a r e no fans like cowboys fans. Majority raider fans are from Cali , Cowboy fans are from the world. People who dont know Nfl will are quick to say they know The cowboys but the raiders not as much. Plus Texas is more Mexican than Cali anyways. Cali has mainly chicanos and Texas has chicanos and Paisas.

  6. Vegas will be expecting a good, competitive organization. I think Carr will be a liability. Plenty of draft picks ahead for us. Mastermind Mike will figure it.

  7. Hagan un vídeo de los LA Rams!!
    Rams are back in LA and Latino community also support the Rams
    #VamosRams #HornsUp

  8. Imagine if they weren't total trash the past two seasons.
    Win in Arrowhead the next few times, and maybe I'll think of the Raiders as legit.
    – Sincerely, A Raider Hating Chiefs fan

  9. This is garbage. The Raiders only fan base was in Oakland until the team moved to LA. Then, that silly Crap group , nwa, started wearing the caps. That’s when gangs latched on. Now, it’s nothing more than a stupid image. Look at the team, moving again to Vegas. This team leaves its fans again, yet the fans follow, much like a battered wife returns to the abusive husband. It’s kind of like Mexicans leaving the corrupt garbage dump of Mexico, only to still love the country. Makes absolutely no sense, but hey, keep praising mediocrity.

  10. Haha Raiders haven't won a superbowl since most of y'all been alive ? sad isnt it ..At least I grew up watching my team win 3 superbowls #BroncosCountry!!!????

  11. So passionate the NFL is going to move their team 800 miles away for them. LOL———- NFL dont give a fuck about these culeros.

  12. BILLS MAFIA!!!! FOR LIFE!!!!! BEST FANS EVER EVERYONE ELSE IS WANTING TO BE LIKE US. The raiders got the money for their team from our owner Ralph c. Wilson.

  13. But guys, the NFL is run by evil white owners who treat their millionaire players like kunta kinte. We must cancel. DERP

  14. Excuse me most passionate have you been to Buffalo they don't have the sunny weather La has these guys are out there in all kinds of weather freezing, hot those are fans

  15. I won’t be as passionate once they move to Vegas. They will always be from Oakland, even LA didn’t muster the atmosphere. Las Vegas, really?

  16. I’m a Raider I’m a Raider from the Bay to L.a to Las Vegas!! Real Raiders fans know what I’m talking about!!

  17. They’re also the dumbest. The owners don’t give a shit about the fans loyalty and use there dumb asses. And the NFL is rigged as fuck. Dummies

  18. When my Packers play the raiders I dont put my jersey on. I dont cheer out of pure respect for the Raiders! Its lowkey every Mexicans team.

  19. Faithful since 79'
    Sucks to see the Raiders leave the Bay Area. I'll miss the rivalry. 2022, 49ers @ Raiders. Las Vegas, here I come.

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