[Radio] LGL: Harimoto a Clear Stream of World Table Tennis

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[Done especially to soothe you Harimoto haters and those sick of China’s dominance! ^o^] News Across China News Across China – Dialogue with the Party Last weekend, the 2018 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals concluded in Incheon, South Korea Among the 3 events China qualified for, the team took home only the women’s singles In the men’s singles final, Lin Gaoyuan was defeated by 15-year-old Japanese teenager, Tomokazu Harimoto Many people exclaim the CNT has encountered a worthy opponent this time In fact, after all the struggles and upheavals last year CNT is still adjusting and adapting after the return of Liu Guoliang In the finals, many coach-player pairs were rearranged, which has caused public interest and speculation In face of an opponent on the offensive and internal reorganization what tricks does “the clueless fatso” have up his sleeve to regroup the national sport in this complicated situation? Yesterday, CNR conducted an interview with CTTA president Liu Guoliang Let us hear what he has to say Having just returned from Incheon, LGL accepted an exclusive interview with CNR Despite being at the helm at the ITTF World Tour Grand Finals the CNT didn’t perform that well Yet, we didn’t notice the slightest bit of anxiety in his tone With a wry neck[a pun on his nickname]… he openly talked about Tomokazu Harimoto, who snatched the men’s singles gold medal from the CNT Achieving this much at such a young age along with the impact displayed he is indeed a clear stream of world table tennis Even more, his threat will only grow in the future, given he’s only 15 now Setting aside his ethnicity and nationality simply in terms of table tennis, speaking from the perspective of a coach he’s still very adorable a player like him is hard to come by In 2018, Harimoto defeated ML, FZD, LGY and ZJK, 4 of the top CNT players becoming the gold-medal trump card for the JNT at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics However, in China and Japan, his passionate game style has attracted a lot of controversy On this issue, LGL has chosen to sympathize with Harimoto In a domineering tone, he said if you’re strong, then you should be even more inspired by such an opponent Maybe some viewers will think that this is not very friendly but I feel there is nothing wrong with it His style of play and character are closely bonded Only such athletes can reach a high level Besides, his holler on the court is not directed at his opponents, or Chinese players He acts the same way against players from other countries In a sense, his passion is to mobilize his inspiration Suppose I’m a player, I’d love to compete with such players because he can unleash your fighting spirit, if you are also strong If you are weak, it’s easy to get shouted down Even though CNT has sent a strong lineup in this Grand Finals the players were still far from their best form Many players and coaches have just been reassigned After a few days of competition, the media have noticed the new pairings of Xu Xin/Chen Qi, Zhu Yuling/Qiu Yike, Ma Lin/Liu Shiwen Back when LGL took office of the CTTA the proposed “mutual selection mechanism” between players and coaches seems to have a profound meaning According to LGL, this mutual selection is actually an olive branch that the players hand out first He plays the role of messenger The players first voice their needs, their desires, which coaches can help them I then approach the coaches of their choice to see if they are willing, capable, and available to accept this invitation that is also a challenge If they reach a consensus, we can let them gradually communicate, approach and work together As a former top player and a national head coach it’s natural for LGL to have a sympathetic psychology with the players and coaches On the intention of the mutual selection mechanism he directly pointed out the principle of “players taking the center stage” In the hearts of the players, the coaches are their psychological support and reliance to give them a beacon at crucial times If you look at the technical domain alone, it’s my opinion the players represent the highest level However, they need the coaches with their experience to break through the hesitation and reluctance Most coaches tend to force their own experience, and models onto the players Sometimes they feel all right when they fit Other times when they don’t, they might feel the players are not ideal Bringing up a player is extremely difficult Each of them is an individual Hence, the coaches should instead adapt their mindsets to the players and tap into their potentials In the little over half a month as the CTTA president, LGL’s deepest impression: multitasking Both competition and management must be handled with balance While maintaining his focus, he has to keep track of various fields In a sense, the new title carries a heavy weight but we believe that “the clueless fatso” is capable of it In the team, the head coach is more direct, more cruel, and relatively more specific But as the president of the association you can not be too one-dimensional, but rather broader It is a platform where you need to multitask Over here in the team, it becomes very militarized But over there in the association, it is more about development, being friendly, cooperation and service 2018 is coming to a close; 2019 is just around the corner For LGL, 2018 was no doubt the year about embarking on a new journey What new year resolutions does he have for 2019? And wishes for everyone? Here, allow us to leave you hanging Stay tuned for more dialogues during the Chinese New Year Special – “Voice of China – Chinese New Year”

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