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Hi! I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Carlo has a dilemma about whether to push or flick on the return of serve. Carlo, here we are talking about strictly a short serve. So short serve is where the ball is going to bounce twice on your side of the table. With the short serve, you have those options of whether to push or to flick so when you choose either. The first thing is how much backspin there is on the ball. If there is a lot of backspin on the ball then a push is probably your safer option. If though there is less backspin or there’s side spin or topspin on the ball then a flick becomes an option as well. You still need to make that decision which one are you going to do you. Also need to think about what type of ball you like coming at you next. If you like a flick and then an open rally where they play at you with topspin then the flick is probably a better option. If so you like to topspin off a backspin ball then a push might be your better option as long as you can keep that push short and force your opponent to push the ball along to you to get that favorite topspin stroke off push. So, Carlo, you can see that the first thing you need to do is look at the type and amount of spin on the ball and then also think about what type of ball that you want coming at you next.

10 thoughts on “Push or Flick | Table Tennis | PingSkills

  1. Buenos vídeos, realmente geniales explicaciones, con mucho fundamento. Agradecería traducción a español para comprender mas fácilmente. Saludos

  2. My problem:
    If i push a short serve back, my opponent push it in my backhand side 2-4 times.
    And then it’s difficult to find the first ball to loop the ball..

  3. Hello
    i m also a backhand player
    Bud just training now
    And i need your guide to improve my ping pong training. I have already looked all your videos and by watching the video i`m learning new things
    Thanks for it

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