PUMA Football | The Flow

WOW – Oh man, this player has such Flow! Everybody keeps talking about Flow…dude but… What does Flow even mean? Flow! Remember when Suarez scores, he’s like..
(kiss kiss kiss – pow pow pow pow pow pow pow) He wanted to be a Texas Ranger ? Nothing to do with Texas Ranger Bro!? You can’t… Balotelli, when he scores yeah. What does he do? Takes a selfie bro. Not in the changing rooms… On the freakin’ pitch! Wow! That’s Flow! OK!

91 thoughts on “PUMA Football | The Flow

  1. Adidas, nike and now puma.
    Repetitive content !!!!

    British Londoner accent
    Hiphop beat
    Fast edits
    And thats it !!!

    Come on guys !! Give us something creative

    We miss the old Ads !!

  2. So now football is all about making Fortnite dances and this is what you call flow? I blame that arrogant Griezman kid for that.

  3. What’s the name of the white and black striped jacket umtiti and the 5 people at 1:34 are wearing please it’s ?

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