8 thoughts on “PTN Football Recruiting Report with Otis Kirk 10-20-19

  1. I’m going to remain positive we will get Crawford and them Memphis boys we need them and I know our staff and game showed that

  2. Nobody worth a damn wants to play for coach DORIS! Can't blame them for that! But by all means… Keep his no coaching ass OK? Don't make any rash changes! He's bound to win one sec game in year three! (right! Bite me! You watch it… I'm done with this crap!)

  3. Martavius French returned from his Official Visit at Arkansas this weekend and promptly decommitted from the Razorbacks. I guess just positively proving viewing 41 point losses up close is not good for recruiting. Being 4-15 at Arkansas and forever losing at Arkansas is ending high level recruiting here for Morris. Morris will just get lower rated "project" type recruits as most of the rest of the present commits. Morris's inability to coach athletes up makes them as useless as tits on a boar hog.

  4. Things aren’t gonna get better the way recruiting is falling off. We have to have the “ Memphis triplets “ and Crawford!!! Hogs can’t win in the SEC with 2 and 3 star athletes

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