Psycho Kid Smashes TV

Hey, what are you guys up to? Not right now! Oh, okay I will leave. Are you kidding me? He has a fucking camera. Could you just not have that fucking camera on for once… Why? What do you got? There is something in your hands. We are just talking. Oh, you are talking over his crotch. Sure. Get the fuck…What are you doing? Get the…What is this? Come on dude. That is my SP. That is not even mine. Oh, it’s a Gameboy SP. It is not even mine. So whatever you are going to do with it, just do not fucking do it I’m not going to do anything. Oh, you are not going to do anything? You are going outside with it in the rain. No, I am not going to do anything to it. I mean, Dad might do something to it but… If you break my shit that is fine, just do not touch his dude. I am not going to touch anything! I am just going to let Dad deal with everything! Hey Dad! What? I found something in Jesses possession. What is it? I will just let you look at it… Dad. Dad, look. It is not like that. Buzz brought that over here. We were just playing. I take full responsibility. We were just playing. It is my fault. Buzz, stay out of it. It has nothing to do with you. Look, it was his. It is his game. I did not…I was not playing it. You disrespected me! What? You disrespected me. You were grounded for two weeks because of this…That is not mine. That is Buzzs. Did you play it? Did you play it? No. Do not lie, did you play it? I did not play it. I know I am grounded. I know. I know I am not allowed to play what I love. It is my fault, Mr. Ridgway. Buzz, stay out of it. Seriously. It has nothing to do with you… Do not let him draw you in…Do not talk to him like that! That is my best friend. Did you play it? Did you play it? I played it! Yeah! Alright then…(Throws Gameboy) Do not fucking throw that…That is his property! That is his! That was your fault. If it is broken, you buy it. See, you do not make any sense. You cannot just destroy things… and expect everything to be better. That is not a way to handle it! What are you talking about? Destruction? About your video games? Yeah! I paid for all of them. I paid for all of them. You paid for all of them?! Bullshit! Bullshit. Did you pay for Buzzs Gameboy? No, you are going to pay for that! Because you are the one who was not supposed to be playing it and now you are playing it. Here, Buzz. You disrespected me… I asked you…I disrespected you? I disrespected you?! You disrespect me all the time! How? You. You do not listen to what I say. When I say I want to be a gamer, you have to believe that! You believe in your kid! I do believe in my kid, but you have to make money…That is what I want to… That is what I want to do! Woah! That is what I want to fucking do! Jesse! Easy. Do not fucking say anything, Buzz! What are you going to do? Hit me with it? Is that what you want to do? Kind of, yeah! Is that what you really want? Because if anything happens, you are out the door. No, no. All I want is some fucking respect just like you, right? Right?! It is all I have ever given you. I am going to destroy this fucking TV because thats…You love that thing more than you love me! That is bullshit and you know that. And do not do that. Now, calm down. I will do it. I am not going to fucking calm down. Do what you got to do. Do not do it. (Smashes TV) Fuck you! Fuck this family! What the hell was that all about?! Now get out of my house! Buzz, come on. Get out! Crap! Bullshit! (Screams of Regret) Holy fuck. Crap! Holy shit. What the fuck are we going to do? I don’t know. I am fucking screwed dude. I just destroyed his fucking TV. Easy, dude. It is alright. I cannot. I cannot stay in there. I cannot stay in there. You know I cannot stay in there. Yeah, I do not…He is going to fucking kill me if I…I cannot live here dude. I mean, you should not have done that. It is alright. You can come… It is easy for you to say. You are not the one getting your shit broken all the time! Dude, you can live with me, dude. I have plenty of space in my house, alright? Dude, I do not want to… I do not want to live anywhere… Ah, fuck. Just fucking. Can we go…Can we go somewhere? Can we just fucking go somewhere? I will try and talk to him! I hope…I hope…I hope you are happy. Okay? I hope you are happy you got a great fucking video! Whoop-dee-fucking-doo! Lets get millions of views! Thanks for being there! I will try and talk to Dad, okay? Yeah, oh yeah. Try and talk to him after you just got his thousand-dollar TV broken. Well, I mean I did not do it. Alright Buzz, just shut the door. Just shut the door. (Door Shuts)

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