Promoting disability inclusion through sport in Fiji – Table Tennis

The Australian Government supports Table Tennis Australia, and the Oceania Table Tennis Federation. To work with Fiji Table Tennis, on the smash down barriers program. Anthony Ho is passionate about inclusive sports, and has seen the sport grow substantially. By setting up events and training opportunities that are inclusive of people of all abilities. We try and teach our young people that come for table tennis, our old people to be able to work with the people with disabilities… Likewise we encourage people with disabilities to be able to interact with the able bodied people as well. I guess the challenge is on both sides. And I’ve seen, we’ve broken the barrier to quite a large extent in the sport of table tennis. You know I just love table tennis, it’s just I dream of it. Tonight Mere is playing her usual Thursday night match. The skills we have to learn, just to hit that perfectly, that it lands on the table to make a point. Even if you want not to make a point. It was just fun. I don’t know, I’m in love table tennis. I guess I want to say that. She loves playing against competitors, with and without disability. Because it helps her improve her own ability. That’s the good thing, we get to play with able bodied persons, and with me I just make it up to them… I give them the choice to stay if the wish to, because I think it’s going to improve me, my skills. Improve my standard of playing. Mere believes that table tennis is making an improvement in her well being. I’m much faster when I wheel my chair, when I move around I notice the difference. It’s made me think much more clearer. I feel the difference in my muscle when I stretch out. I’m sort of more independent, I’d say.

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