Professional MODEL leaves BEVERLY HILLS to LIVE in a VAN

[Music] what’s up I’m Philip liberal I’m from Montreal based in Los Angeles well this is my home actually for not living in Squamish right now happiness on me I’ve been traveling for 12 years as a model living in a suitcase just before turning 30 I decided to make myself a gift so I bought the van I did a trip from LA to Vancouver by every national park and I came back to driving by the coast a month road trip came back in LA fully addicted of the freedom of the van life starting my third year living in it now I’m in Canada falling in love with my own country my van is my bedroom and the world is my living room what is it that you really need in life like food water and a bed at night right voila I fill my fan as a weekend van and I end up living in it the only thing I can say it’s put electricity first thing first solar panel with a second battery because I cannot charge my computer or my drone that’s the only thing I’ll say and also because it was a weekend ban it’s a cooler in it so solar panels extra battery a real fridge not a cooler got to change ice every three days so that’s a downside [Music] Rowland all right my little van it’s Ford e350 Super Duty 2011 ninety three thousand miles haven’t been in the garage yet since I was three years it did some modification this drill bumper were a chrome and it looked really bad so I went to see a guy he charged me for 400 bucks I think to paint it and he said the only thing with that little grill is plastic so it’s gonna chip so I decided to go to a store buy myself a little spray can black mat it looks okay it looks better though change the tire it’s sadly not a 4×4 I got stuck a couple times but it’s part of van life it’s fun like as soon as you get out of your comfort zone that’s where adventure start and when you get stuck you have a little like point 5 second of but then you’re like ok what to do what to do it’s like no problem only solution what I said before and that’s where the fun starts so $16,000 to convert us to convert 4×4 so I’m not going to do I wanted to have the roof rack whip for everything that I cannot fit in the van so I have a picnic table a crash pad a kayak and my soft stop surfboard eight feet of rope life you should definitely if you have a van put off-road life you need those I think sometimes when you reach a off-road places not off-road but like just a road like here at night it gets pretty dark and just for deers like safety do that shower that’s pretty cool it’s a small five-gallon bag it heats up with the Sun so like two three hours the water reach a really hot temperature to take a shower otherwise it’s good it’s rinse or do my dishes or extra water you see it’s not fancy man all right come in swivel seat I change the base of both feet and it gives you so much space because usually if it the regular side the back comes here so you have what like two feet of living area by flipping it it’s my everything I eat on my computer I do everything here it and it makes it so much bigger again I’m not fancy I just have those jar of water that’s it and every campground well usually I became ground have a spot where you can fill up your bottle so even if you stay or not they just go fill up your bottle say let the shower bag actually as soon as you see water you have to fill up your bottle yeah sometimes you cannot run out of water that’s important my cooler I mean I’m okay with it but if you start a new van that’s why I’m saying put electricity because you got left yeah I have all my son I don’t know if I can show you higher it’s not that bad so all my fan for clicking out loving walk that is a bit fancy it’s much anyway and then that’s probably a mess yeah so let’s not go there but that is all my plate my dry food bag for dirty clothes you don’t know where to put it you need to have a specific place so it’s not going to be all over the place that’s pretty practical little two burner stove propane that’s all I need oh and what I like about that one I see some people that put in like the Volkswagen it’s inside it’s stuck on the come in the counter but what I like about the portable one is as soon as I’m somewhere I can cook outside I cook outside because it doesn’t smell and you have more room you can like use a table picnic table or whatever so portable stove it’s I like it if I if I build another van I will put affordable so again bed is the memory foam really comfortable like it was $600 u.s. you cannot go cheap on the bed it’s really important waking up like sore or waking up fresh come on I did a three inch and I have an inch and a half of feather on top so it is like a cloud it’s really good recommended highly recommended I also build my bed I build it so it can be too little couch with a table and I never used it it’s probably going to be good to resell the van but I live outside I just need a bed to sleep so when you do long time van life you learn like different things like that the bed even if it’s five minutes sometimes you think five minutes is okay but day after day after day after day nope don’t do it it has to be as easy as possible just have a regular closet no door nothing no rope if my clothes fell off the closet it just means that I’m driving too crazy my closet teach me to take my time driving don’t rush and surfboard just with elastic my to surfboard or stuck into the window they like barely barely eight inch that I lose in my van all my gear under the bed lift lift up your bed from the ground and storage you need storage so everything under the bed what else that point that I found without where Oregon the best thing in life are not things [Laughter] don’t be too serious normal is boring oh it goes like all the way to the other side so I like sets both sides I have my wet to when they’re wet I love them with chains on the ladder yeah don’t forget to lock it though I changed for winter when I go snowboard I have all my camping gear my chairs my action I have dry bike that’s important if you want to go hike through rivers or just the day at the beach I have a tent but I just bought so happy about it I just came back this morning from my second backpacking trip in my life I’m addicted fully addicted now I have my super flop fluffy ultralight sleeping bag my ultralight tent my backpack behind my surf my van comes with the Beavers when you back up so if you don’t have that at least put a camera on top these things are quite big so you need something you need a rear view other than that you just need guys and hit the road when you live in a van every single tiny spot you can find to more storage you find like [Laughter] [Music] I never heard any teacher in school telling me how to live life only like follow the rules which I’m not good under this is the best life lesson living in a van connecting with nature and yourself I learned so much about myself since I’m in the van what do I really need what do I want where I want to go what I want to do everything is special there’s no problem there’s only solution because before Devon I kind of had that Beverly Hills type of life I wasn’t happy so I decided to leave and that was like from a really really big house to this and I’m now since I’m more happy thankful Marley or Dalai Lama if you ask them are you rich like what kind of Christian van life makes you millionaires life boy do it yes my advice do it thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed this video be sure to subscribe and like the video if you liked it and follow Philip on Instagram and YouTube it’s all linked up in the description down below and have a blessed day yeah [Music] you

100 thoughts on “Professional MODEL leaves BEVERLY HILLS to LIVE in a VAN

  1. What you need is just , food water and bed … and unlimited access to the bank account of your parents!
    you living in the van with the mastercard!
    to all those people , please stop saying all these bullshit.
    you can't live in this world just with the beauty … i'm happy for you ….. by the way!

  2. Thanks for posting. Great stuff! Best line ever, "My van is my bedroom, and the world is my living room." Also, who are these 497 goons who gave this a thumbs down?

  3. Wow, beautiful guy great guy. What a catch. Success is not how much money you make. Someone told me that a long time ago.

  4. The living in a van part is definitely interesting but who cares about him being a "professional model" ffs

  5. Living in a van, worst part of this is TAKING A SHIT. You have to get rid of your damn waste everytime you shit in a bag.

  6. My question is how much money do you need for this way of live. Do you travel and work or do you work before and save money to do that. How does ist work money wise?

  7. Sound like the life I would love but I have a wife and 3 beautiful daughters that deserve a stable home but if I was single i'd love this life.

  8. The American dream, love it!
    I'm English and would love to move to the US and live a simple existence like this, seeing the natural beauty every day and the freedom. I would just have a bigger well equipped vehicle.

  9. Sure is one hot looking guy you can live in Minecraft bedroom anytime naked on top of me all year-around that's the way I see it

  10. First thought -"Can he get better looking?! Impossible"
    Then he started speaking with that accent… Game over

  11. What a cute young man🤩, now that’s a man that know to appreciate nature at its best. While most of the population is stuck in a 8-12hr shift at work.

    I say, live life to the fullness body because time passes you by and most of us might not travel until we retire at 62yrs.

  12. Living the life with simple stuff is the key who need artificial life?
    When you die you dont bring nothing with you only what you live

  13. if you're good looking and lazy and have no way of contributing back to society then you're an adventurer… if you're not good looking you're homeless

  14. He has an Instagram account and I’m sure receives sponsorships regularly. Rewarding this kind of faux lifestyle as romantic is so lame. So basically this video is about a hot model, who makes a living being hot in a van and in waterfalls. It’s as though provoking as an Ikea catalog.

  15. That was very inspiring I've been thinking on wether to buy a house or a tiny home and travel. I would love to do do something similar and travel! Great video

  16. Fuck that I'll work harder n get me a house good lucky living in the van. I feel sorry for you if you felt motivated by this video.

  17. Normal is boring 😂😂💡.
    I guess u r practice a life of Buddhist. how to emptiness of soul n mind with no things and its true life…

  18. I look at my four bedroom house (single guy with a dog) and my job and sometimes feel like at 38 years old I wasted my 20’s being “responsible”. I think what this guy’s doing is pretty cool. Have experiences while you can. There’s more to life than stuff.

  19. If I had the money 💰,id do the same,travel.! So many beautiful parts of the world 🌎 to see! Must appreciate nature!

  20. This guy trying to get away from all the women chasing after him. He is so good looking, has to stay on the run 😂😂 Tu vie le rêve mon gars ! 🕉

  21. if you got charm and lots of games you should be able to bring girls over to the van. To arm wrestle them. Haha but for me this is too small. I want a power shower/ coach.

  22. You have everything money freedom good face beautiful body smile everyday always take care brother 🙂🙂🙂

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