Production’s Blog – Episode 7 – The manual steps behind making a bat

So you’ve ordered your bat online, paid and told to expect to receive your bat in two weeks, but have you ever wondered what
goes into making of your bat? Today, we’ll talk about the manual steps
involved in the making of your bat. First step is finding the right density log to correspond to your bat model, length and weight. with identifing which end is to be the handle. Step 2 is to insert the log into our lathe machine
and enter your bat model and length into our computer, we smooth on sanding
machine, then remove the extra. Afterwards, we add water to recuperate loss humidity. In the next
step, we sand the bat for the purpose of weight and to make it as smooth as
possible to prepare for painting. Bat is dipped into sealer, allowed 20 to 30
minutes to dry, and back to sanding to smooth the sealer and bat is sent to the painting room. After painting, bat is engraved with customer’s requested engravement and sent to the final stage, the finishing stage. At the finishing stage, bat is cupped to weight, then polished and sent to be shipped to its destination.

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