Production’s Blog – Episode 10 – The difference between Premium and Pro Select bats

B45 manufactures 3 types of bats: Premium bats for professional players, Pro Select bats for amateurs and promotional bats to be used as gifts and non-baseball activity Today, we’re going to talk about the difference between the Premium and Pro Select bats. So what goes into a Premium bat? These bats are Big Leagues certified, meaning that they pass Big Leagues requirements for all professional players. First requirement is the ink-dot test in which an ink dot is placed between 11 and 13 inches from the knob of the bat in the fibers of the wood. The resulting lines from the ink must be measured at 3 degrees or less. Also, company logo must be placed on the grain side of the barrel This is to ensure that the ball is hit in the face side of the bat. Pro Select bats are not Big Leagues certified and do not require an ink-dot test. Logos are placed on the face side of the wood and balls are hit on the grain side.

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