Prodigy table tennis star soars to heights of success

Takaimaania Ngata-Henare is the best Maori female table
tennis player in the country. Her status was confirmed
at the weekend when she claimed
all the major titles at the Maori table tennis nationals. But as Irena Smith reports, perhaps the most
extraordinary feature is that Takaimaania
is just 11-years-old. She’s the rising star
of the table tennis. Takaimaania Ngata-Henare has taken
out the women’s singles under 16’s, under 20’s and open sections at the National Maori Table Tennis
Champs held in Whangarei. Her family say she has led
her own pathway to the top. It’s not as if
we are a table tennis family. But she decided she wanted to play
so we have supporter her. But two years later she just won the National title
for her age group so that’s really outstanding. This is the second year the comp
has been held and organisers say they hope it will encourage more
young Maori to take up the sport. Although she is only 11 years old,
Ngata-Henare has big dreams. And she has already begun
to carve out her pathway to reach great heights. Irena Smith, Te Karere.

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