Pro Vs Pro Match Against Andrew Jensen | Golfing In Florida

not the greatest of bounces
oh did you just do that what is up y’all here with the Andrew
Jensen hope y’all having a great day we’ve been doing some fun videos and now
it’s time for a match straight up nine holes
nothing special not one Club full set back tees no wives putting for us
mano-a-mano tete-a-tete a little bit of golf that’s right
9 holes match play and that’s it let’s do this thing
1st hole par 4 how far we got par-4 416 yards number 1 T at high let it fly you
just kind of want to keep it right of those bunkers green is pretty much
straight away just doing a rough there yeah not too
bad so I drew in left I went right both in
the rough but not too bad both got wedges in here 131 to a front pin
location what club you going with sir pitching wedge that looks really good
heading just a hair left all right nice here is my ball 117 I’ve got sand wedge it’s real good is gonna kick a little
left-to-right shot Andrew hit it in close I ended up just short there that
was sneaky uphill right there I thought that was all over the number did spin
back a little bit on me even though we were in the rough
thought it might hop forward but no worries uphill birdie look 15 feet let’s
go that looked like it was uphill to me right there
alrighty sir for your first pin flaming opportunity today that was awesome
pin slammer from mr. Jenson on number one go I need to work on the speed there
hit mine a little pass however didn’t really matter
mr. Jenson has a 1-up lead through one great birdie sir you on to number two
what’s our distance on number two we got 411 411 I’m that bunker on the right 85
to cover on the right another fairly straight away par-4 want to keep it just
the left of that bunker 411 yards to get high let it fly really really good right
there take a bucket of those we carried that bunker but gonna be in
the right rough andrew is in good shape right here 99 wayne gretzky 99 right pin
location kind of middle of the grain mine is just in the rough right over
there all right he’ll birdie look not bad shape right in
there what is our numbers 989 not much green
to work with on this line yeah we’ll take that all day every day of the
week and these glasses already falling off
like four times that’s what we’re looking for out of the wedges we knocked
it up they’re closed Andrews right down there here’s where we
ended up we’re gonna have a pin slammer look right here see if we can’t roll the
rock that’s a pin slammer here on – and now moves us to all square pin slam and
Hardy they’re on – we each have a pin slammer already through two holes on the
number three par-3 171 yards from the tees were playing and is back left
corner right there we did move up one tee box for filming purposes you get a
little better vantage point I’ve got 8-iron in hand heading out just a little right should
be puttan though it’s puttan alrighty here is Andrews ball right there come
and back up the hill mine is right over here I’m gonna have a little
left-to-right breaker speed is gonna be very key looks to be on a really good
line speed looks to be very good great putt sir and just gonna top this
in for his par very nice sir great to putt thank you wait nothing sneaked out of frame that’s a bogey now it’s a tricky hole in
location there and that’s a three-putt that wasn’t all we’re looking for
andrew is one up through three holes he’s currently a 1-under
even par we are on to number four you never like to see a three-putt there but
that was a great to putt by Andrew I know he said he doesn’t like holes but
three putts that’s all right that was a tricky little pin location
right there we’re on to number four that’s in the past
I’m even par Andrews 1-under par for how far we got here sir I mean it’s about
315 321 the wind helping to kind of trying to take it at the green get it
close if not on okay but the Greens a bowl like this okay thing on the right
side of the fairway too close to the Greens gonna be really tough shot so
it’s do you lay back to you hit driver all right you didn’t come here the layup
green sits off kind of back in there adding a bit right salt lamp might be in the bunker all right andrew is right there
93 yards you hit it well a little long back fringe just hung up not bad sir oh
and we are in great shape right here with the two iron 72 yards left sit down
a little bit and it’s a great shot well done sir that was well played just ran
out just a little bit good chip sir let’s go
tweeter good redemption pin slammer that was a big putt right there pin slam and
birdie on four matches all square this is quite their this is a good match so
far no one’s tied a hole yet we have not you’re absolutely correct on that we’re
on to number five par four pretty straight away par four you want to keep
it right of those bunkers so our aim and points gonna be right out and they’re
roughly 430 yards sting a time should be good right there a little
laugh should be okay though I mean just over the bunker yeah here is my to iron
164 to a middle pin injuries right over there in the rough carried the bunker
not in bad shape right there but we are putting 136 136 right there little
breeze into the fan little breeze into the fan I think the sayings little
reason to the face better alright I’m walking up here to film
behind the green for Andrew shot here’s where I ended up roughly and 3540
feet left for birdie and pretty good line right there
great shot sir good come on come on or are you kidding me
oh good roll good roll sir Thanks okay you left yourself a little slippery
downhill right-to-left there’s a little bit of a tester for the half this has
got to go for the half we’ll take it there’s a four we are past
the halfway point match is all square through five holes four holes left one
under each that hope you’ve been enjoying our videos together it’s been
awesome having Zach in town for two days really enjoying your company looking
forward to it goes for the high five I go for the sounds I guess we’re all
Canadians were more polite we hide we handshake we don’t pound okay yeah it’s
been awesome so I do have a channel very similar stuff if you haven’t been
watching it go check the mountains accent in the videos right now very
similar stuff like I said golf challenges tournament golf all that good
stuff so go check it out if you haven’t and if you only do it because you want
to see Zach no guys seriously check him out he’s got some great content his
videography is superb and thanks so much for having me out this week sir I won
for the PAL number 6 par 5 556 yards little bender to the right pretty much
tee at high let it fly a little power fade yeah that’s okay
cuz that’s like that window I was just notified that’s where you can miss it so
we’re good really good ball there hey just a little forum all right should be
just fine all right did hit it a little bit to the right 250 yards left the
green is behind that corner right there pretty much looks like a stinger here maybe just short left the green we’re in
good shape right there probably roughly the same 250 steaks right there okay I
didn’t zap it pins in the back if I hit this 245 I’ll be on the green I’m an
uphill putt Hulse into iron Oh heading a little left shouldn’t be
too bad though alright alright
not the greatest of bounces there sir like up there and my ball is right up
there don’t get eaten by the crocodiles are alligators really is very nice from there
great shot dude great thank you great birdie how to make that will slam that
pin after my putt might be a double slam that’d be the double pin slammer double
pin flammer double pin slammer there on six three holes left number seven par
three from pin 200 yards 6-iron great shot oh just leaking a little right or right
edge I’ll be alright alright there is for Andrew ended up great place to miss
it I’m right up here putting for birdie roughly 35 feet I like to play here that
looks really good needs to travel oh did he just do that no dude
great shot there’s where it ended up that burned the edge dude great shot I’ll give it to you dude great shot Oh get it out I’ll give you that one on
to the next Danka soon how epic would that have been
if you would have chipped in on that hole to get me back you chip it in that
hole yes that hole definitely has one for the dramatics we’ve got number eight
here par four 440 yards a little dogleg to the left I think I’m gonna be hitting
a 2-iron right about there hold that one were in trouble there was
a good miss definitely had some hang time I’m gonna have to work on my tee
game tee game today not pin great missing some fairways but scrambling and
scoring that’s the name of the game I think golf’s the name of the game but
I know all right right there in the bunker we’re all right
we are 173 to a middle pin need to get it up and over the slip 179 that looks really really good
a great shot dude oh he gives a little dance we’ve got a barn burner here we
both found the dance floor need to roll the rock if one of us makes this putt
gonna make it tough on the other to get the win so let’s roll the rock oh I
thought I’d hit a really good putt there that didn’t break left hardly at all
good that’s good thanks sir yeah you think he wants to strip off that hill
but it just there’s another hill over here or for me come on oh dude good putt good roll easy
for basket we are on to the final hole yeah all square both 2-under yeah five
pin Slammers today that’s pretty good it’s been fun for sure
this has been a great matter 5 to finish me more Bieber finish 556 there’s that
250 stakes oh that’s a great line so just right down the middle pretty much
just what you’re saying ah fine and a little left but should be
alright so basically we needed to just split those two drives right down the
middle to have a good Drive so yeah there’s that
all right landed right up in there trickled down there 250 left green sits
off back in the air probably just gonna lay it up just to the right about 150 here is Andrews ball really not in bad
shape here not a bad place to be there’s water rights if I really fan it and I’m
in trouble but face of the decision do I want to lay up and make this a wedge
contest or I want to try to force Zach’s hand and I think I’m gonna do that I’m
gonna go for it he’s got 3-wood in hand he’s sitting
there acting like he’s debating on it he was going for it all how far we got here 270 readed behind them okay all right
there we are we just missed that divot right there 120 yards to a back right
pen not the ones we were looking for right
there but that’s alright we’re good Andrew in great shape right there and up
and down would go a long ways in the match sir well I still have a shot to
chip of that correct correct here’s where I ended up that was not a
good wedge shot right there well short shove them back up the hill needs to
travel not too bad four or five feet left for birdie sir
this is for the match yeah your putt five footer little left-to-right for the
match sir good putt sir really good putt
great play another that was awesome thanks man that’s how we finish it great
playing man thanks buddy seriously 3-under hey not bad for you for me yes
it was this home track we need a rematch I don’t recall my home track next stop
it absolutely in Nashville absolutely so yeah rematch in Nashville absolutely
sounds good hope y’all enjoy coming along we had so
much fun filming these videos thanks so much for having me make sure to check
out andrew’s YouTube I’ll link that in the description down below also in the
outro little end card click it subscribe until next time we’ll see you when we
see you please you

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  1. This is what we all have been waiting for!! And Zac you are almost at 40K!! This has been a good series with Andrew too!! That stinger on hole number six sounded so sweet!!

  2. This is not a criticism… really look like on every shot you hit down on it puting cut spin…even if it's a draw… Good match guys!

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