Pro Infielder Shares 🔥 3rd Base Tips To LOCK DOWN The Hot Corner!

what’s up guys coach Madden and he’s back Nick Shaw you guys asked for it and he’s here it Shaw provides the walk off tonight his Bell Howard an RBI double by dick Shawn [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] maybe we’re going to take a step even in front of the base there’s two out we’re probably not gonna the play is probably gonna be easy to first now another situation is the type of hitter that’s at the plate like we said now once you’ve got our position down for the sink of this I’ll go right off our initial spot now it’s building the ball they call this the hot corner for reason the ball is gonna fly over here right so a lot of times you don’t have time to move our feet through the ball unless it’s absolutely routine Adams a lot of times gonna be smoked for that I call it the a drill some thinking in your head I draw it Hey all right two sides this line in the middle is where I want to be after my prep step after I land and I’m ready for the ball to come at me now the point of the egg I want one of my feet to be here and want to be on the other leg what I mean by that is if the ball is smoking to my left I want to drop step here right foots at the top of the hey left foot is somewhere along this this leg here all right same idea the ball smoke to my right I want to drop step here to elongate the hot make the hop longer sink catch and move my feet toward my target now if I try to just pick it like this a lot of times the hops gonna be a short hop or you can’t time it right if we don’t get as good a move you as if my head is behind the glove with the ball okay so we’re dropping it from where we start on the a onto one of the legs always have it a foot at the top of the egg now another factor to keep in mind once we catch the ball we have to keep in mind we have the longest throw on the infield all right now as a shortstop and the second baseman we have time to move through the ball take an extra shuffle and make a throw as a third baseman especially on the ball to my right where the throw gets even longer we have to stick it and a lot of times throw from there so third baseman I suggest you get your arm change up long toss so you can make this throw without having to take that extra shuffle for costing us some time with the base on a ball to my left obviously taking my drop step catching shuffling getting my shoulder squared as quick as I can again with the with the space of the runner I need to get the ball over there all to my right hook we just talked about planning and firing all right the ball will tail a lot I hope you guys liked that video I know you do you’ve been asking for Nick for a while now and he’s back and we got a few more videos coming don’t forget to check out the batter’s box calm that’s what Nick’s got going on there’s a link down below and all the rest of his information is gonna be down there check him out for sure don’t forget to subscribe and check out the next video we got we’ll post that video right over here [Music] [Music]

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