Pro Fill Battery Watering System- Golf Cart Batteries From Moto Electric Vehicles

Hey guys, Brett Jackrel from Moto Electric,
here to review one of the top accessories that we sell and one of the most important
that I think that customers should be getting. It’s our battery watering system. Now remember,
we have 8 batteries on most golf carts and we have about 12 to 16 batteries on our big
electric shuttles. We pulled 2 out of assembly to show you.
So, first of all, let me just talk and zoom in here. Just wanted to show you what comes
standard on most of the carts. These are your lead acid batteries. These are T105 batteries,
they’re wet batteries, which means you need distilled water, once a month you check it
and you can fill it up. Now a lot of our commercial use customers, they obviously, you know, they
want the batteries to last as long as possible, so they’ll actually get what’s called
a battery watering system, which we’re about to show you and it makes it really easy for
your guys, whether it be an employee, or maybe a wife or a husband, make it really easy to
fill up those batteries to make sure you guys are getting the full life out of what you’re
spending, because this is a really big option, about $2,000 worth. So, let’s get over here,
let’s show you the battery watering system. So, zoom in here Adam, let’s show them.
This is the battery watering system. You can see that there’s all tubes tied to every
single battery. Now this shuttle has a lot of batteries on it, so this customer didn’t
want to pop the cap on each one, so we tie all the batteries together, and this is really
cool, this is your hose attachment, and on every system there’s actually an attachment
on the batteries where it leads to. So, all you would do is just attach it, clicks into
place, you have a ball just like you would find on a boat with an oil pump where it gets
harder the more its filled up, you have a ball right here and then you take your jug
of distilled water. Now I actually prepped some, remember distilled water doesn’t have
any chemicals in it. It’s been totally filtered, so it won’t hurt anything inside the battery,
the cells or anything, and then you just pump and you can see it’s going through the batteries
all the way down and now it’s filling up every single battery in this whole unit.
This is really cool, because you can do it within 30 seconds and you don’t have to
flip each one, and now this is getting harder, see? That means that these actually needed
some water. The harder it gets, you don’t want to overfill them, so now it’s hard,
you just go ahead and disconnect the hose, pull it out, disconnect the hose here, as
simple as that, and then you just cap it, and the cool thing is, the biggest cause for
batteries to go bad is actually overfilling it. You would actually think most people let
them run dry, they actually do the job, they overfill it and then as their riding around
the distilled water comes out of the batteries, corrodes the cables and then your battery
goes bad. You know, battery ranges from $100 all the way up to $300 so you really want
to protect these things. So, moral of the story, get a battery watering
system, it’s the best accessory we sell and I recommend it to any customer every single
time that they have our carts, because the wet batteries, they last longer than sealed
batteries, but you do need to maintain them. If you have a question, give us a call at
904-247-1818. I’m always available, my team’s always available, let’s add it to your next
contract and you guys will have secure batteries and long lasting batteries up to 4-5 years
if you get this option.

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