Preventing Youth Baseball Pitchers Shoulder Pain & Injuries With Proper Icing

[Pro Ice – The
Best Ice Wraps On The Planet]
[Youth Shoulder /Elbow Cold Therapy Wrap pi220] The Pro Ice Youth Pitchers Shoulder & Elbow
Cold Therapy Wrap, is perfect for young pitchers and smaller
adults to use between innings and after the game, to help reduce the negative effects
of the tremendous torque and compressive force that pitching causes on the shoulder, elbow
and arm. Pro icing’ in a preventative way can keep
the swelling that occurs due to tissue microtrauma to a minimum to help reduce chronic injury
and keep the athlete in the game. Because Pro Ice facilitates quicker recovery.
The unique, patented window pane design of the Pro Ice Cryoblanket hugs the shoulder
& elbow to provide custom type fit to the target treatment area and maintains a consistent
temperature for up to an hour. It delivers maximum therapeutic effectiveness by cooling
the shoulder and upper arm through all four stages of icing. When most other ice wraps
only reach stage one or two. Keep your pitcher healthier and lessen the
likelihood of rotator cuff injuries, tendonitis, chronic shoulder dysfunction and surgery.
Learning proper icing techniques at a young age may help keep them injury free throughout their career.
Intermittent icing for young pitchers between innings increases muscle fiber activation,
pitching speed and allows them to pitch for longer durations at higher performance.
Pro Ice may be the effective aid to reducing pain and swelling, avoidance of chronic injury
and surgery and improved pitching performance that you’ve been searching for.
Pro Ice your pitcher for a healthier, improved athlete
[Pro Ice] [Explosion Sound]
[The Best Ice Wraps On The Planet] [Glass breaking sound]

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