Preparing your ground for the new Cricket season #AskAsh Episode 3

Hello welcome to this episode of #AskAsh. Today we’re going to be talking about what type of ground preparation you need
to do on your outfield or on your square in order to get ready
for the cricket season. As per usual if you have any comments or feedback please comment in the box below. So we’re standing inside a standard ground keepers shed at the moment at a school or at a cricket club and as you can see it’s
full of different types of implements that you might be during the course of
the season to keep your ground in tip-top shape. For this episode we want
to look at what you need to do pre-season so that you can get the ground right for
your 2G Flicx pitch to roll out for our purpose for today what we’re going
to be working with is a tape measure, a roller and a lawn mower So what we want to do is we want to basically recreate the type of conditions that we offer you
sort of realistic pace and balance the 2G Flicx cricket pitch can give you that/
those conditions – it’s important though that the ground preparation initially is really
good so what we would do is we identify a firm flat area cut the grass really
short between 10 and 15 millimeters and then to roll the area so that it’s nice
and flat now that we’ve had all the rain this
will probably be the best opportunity to roll that area which will then sort of roll
out any unevenness of the under surface to give you a really nice flat surface. What we tend to find is in the beginning of the season while the grounds might be
still a bit soft and wet you tend to get slightly lower and slower bounce but as
the season progresses and as the weather conditions increase and become better
the performance of the pitch improves where you will get faster and more realistic bounce as the under surface firms up. As you already know the 2G Flicx cricket pitch is perfect for converting grass outfields and grass fields into cricket facilities really quickly so there’s two things that you can do use the pitch for is you can either use it initially to
roll it on top of your square to protect the square or you can basically identify
firm, flat area in the outfield where you can cut and mow to create an additional
cricket facility for your junior sides. So just to review some of the key points that you would look at with
regards to your ground prep the most important thing is now that it’s still a little bit wet, is I would try and get the ground prep done as soon as
possible. Identify a firm, flat area, cut the grass
really short to about 10 to 15 mils and if you can get a roller out onto that
patch; give it a good roll for 10 or 15 minutes to sort of even out any
unevenness that they might be. That would be the only ground prep that you need to
do for the whole season other than giving the grass a good cut once a week
before you roll the pitch out. Just a reminder that every 2G Flicx
cricket pitch is delivered with an installation guide … it’s an easy-to-use guide that just gives you helpful tips with regards so what you need to do to get the best out of the pitch over and above
that we’re available online at for any information that you might need or just pick up the phone and give us a ring we’ll be happy to assist you. In
summarising I just like to also add the fact that the 2G Flicx cricket pitch
is a portable roll- out cricket wicket that allows you many options to kind of
get your season underway a lot sooner than you would normally anticipate. This
time of the year when some of the fields are waterlogged and wet you can reuse
the cricket pitch as an all-weather cricket pitch solution to start your
cricket season earlier in the summer and allows you to play your cricket through
a lot later during the season as well.

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