Prayers with Exaggerated Finish – Baseball Rebellion

Hey guys Dave Shinskie at Baseball Rebellion, we’re going to go through a finish drill here. These are called Prayers with
an Exaggerated Finish. Now that you’re doing phase two and throwing through
phase two and the Rivera Drill we want to start to finish strong.
Okay, so with our leg coming up and on our front leg, so your front leg if
you’re a lefty will be your right leg and I’m a righty so I’d be on my left
leg so you’re looking at me with my right knee up and on my left leg. So
he’ll come into a prayer position, basically hands in the middle of your
chest and you’re shifting your weight and keeping your chest up. We don’t want
our chest to go down towards the ground, we want to keep our chest up and stay as
still as we can and as straight as we can and then as you’re coming through
you want to hold it about two seconds coming back up, getting your arm nice and
relaxed, your hand in a really good position and also your front hand in a
good position because we want both hands to work together through a finish all
the way to our front hip and again trying to stay straight with our head up
straight as we can, right shoulder or front shoulder with the opposite hip in
the front hip okay. So that’s a that’s a basically a best finished drill that I
recommend and it’s called Prayers with an Exaggerated Finish.

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