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Hi, I’m Alois from Pingskills. If you’re starting
out in Table Tennis and you haven’t got a practice partner or a Table Tennis table, we’re going
to show you some skills that you can practice by yourself A really important skill when you’re starting
out is to be able to control the Table Tennis ball with your bat. Let’s start by bouncing the ball on one side. This develops your control and your feel for the bat on the ball. As you progress, you can start to make that
skill a little bit more difficult. You could start by doing “pancakes” turning the bat over from side to side. As you progress you could start to make things a little
bit more difficult by getting the ball on the edge of your bat. With all these exercises, you can use PingSkills consistency chart to keep a track of how you’re going. You can step it up a level by starting to put some spin on the bounces. This will teach you how to control some spin as well. What about trying to bounce the ball underneath your leg? So, let’s have a go. So then you could instead of having 3 bounces before you put it under the leg you just have one, two, one, two, one, two or just one Let’s try the other leg. Then you could try bouncing it and catching it Or what about rolling it from one side over to the other? You can start to invent some skills of your
own that you can challenge yourself with and really, try to improve your control over the Table Tennis ball. You can also practice by hitting the ball up against a wall. If you listen to the ball it starts to make a very rhythmic sound. The easiest way to start with is by hit the ball up against the wall and letting it bounce before you hit it. You can start to switch sides, hitting one with the forehand and one with the backhand. Start to make it a little bit faster. Another simple thing that you can do is just using any table push it up against a wall and start to do a little bit of hitting against the wall. It’s important to just learn the feel of hitting the ball softly. Similarly to hitting against the wall on the floor you can start to alternate sides. You can then turn the table around and start to hit the ball a bit further. At PingSkills, we talk about generating spin. This is something that you can practice at home on your own. The basic principles of generating spin are brushing the ball and then brushing it fast. You can easily practice that just with a piece of floor. You can see what effect the spin that you’re generating has on the ball. You can try and get some backspin and get the ball to come back towards you. Or some sidespin and try to make the ball curve. Or you can make the ball curve around the other way. These are all skills that can easily be practiced alone or without a Table Tennis table.

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  1. i am just looking your videos becuse im yesterday going on toutnament of students in Trenčín.Btw i am from Slovakia

  2. This video is really helpful. I have started table tennis recently and i dont really get to practice at the club . they only let me to do for 10 to 5 mins becz i am a beginner. But by watching this video i can start practising on my own . it amazing and thanx a lot

  3. Ping skills I'm beginner in ping pong but I learn in this video But. Me vs my friend he smash but I can't blocked it .

  4. Mark Wang, are you playing table tennis to become professional ?
    I also want to be table tennis player but I think that I need to move away from India for this.

  5. Ping skills is there a rule against serving when the opponent is not ready in a tournament as someone served the ball when I was tying my shoelace and they said the point counted?

  6. I thought about getting a ping pong table that could fold up so I could practice… But good idea on just getting a table and hit it against a wall

  7. If i were to practice alone, do you think i need to clean my rubber after? And how often do you think i should clean my paddle

  8. I do that first drill & I can walk while I do it. You showed me some other ways like lifting your leg. Im definately going to add it to my individual practice along with everything else you showed in this video. Thanks ping skills.

  9. I know this is an old video but…. I really like table tennis but I don't have a table (can't buy one) I have a low quality bag but it still has a lot of rubber (thicker rubber) with no pimples. Can I practice hitting the ball across my living room with different types of spin? Do u think I will get better this way? Thanks.

  10. Sir what doing mean or learned by doing this thing waste of time when we play in tt in table in alone how to do or make new spin or ghost or fast.

  11. I find it very pleasing to listen to this. I don't know why though. There's something really pleasant and calmful, maybe in your voice, maybe in the ball sound. It's like the nowadays so called ASMRs but this one is definitelly much better 🙂

  12. so u can try do it under ur leg..
    if you're like me (noones like me)

    but what if ur not as stretchy in ur legs and its kinda much flesh there?
    ive short arms so i cant really reach XD

  13. hell i did it at my old school i did it very very very very very very very extremely professional and fast i was hitting the ball like crazy with the paddle it's good exercise i did it by myself

  14. Good basic skills. I'd suggest doing the basic tapping drills with both hands before moving on to spins/trick shots, etc..

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