Practice with a Towel | Disc Golf Tip

(dubstep music) – As it’s getting colder and
there’s less light outside, it’s getting harder and
harder for us to find time to get out and practice
during these winter months. One of the things that you
can do is to use a towel. You can do this indoors in
the comfort of your own home. You wanna get a towel that’s
normal golf-size towel, something like this, not a
beach towel, not a big towel. The purpose of it is
just to create resistance so when you’re practicing your form, you’re not throwing with an empty hand. Throwing with an empty hand
and throwing full-motion can create problems in your
elbow and your shoulder and even other parts of your body. Your body needs that resistance to practice good form
and to stay in shape. So basically, what you
wanna do is get your towel and you wanna hold it in the corner. You can grab it just like you grab a disc or you can just pinch
it, however you wanna do, and you would go through
your normal throwing motion, just your normal reach-back
and pull-through. Now, what you’re looking for is a little bit of a pop on the towel. You don’t want it to be completely flat, kinda like a flag, like a
limp flag on a flagpole. You wanna have that little bit
of pop on it, just like this. And what that does is
that creates resistance and just reaffirms that throwing motion of when the disc releases from your hand. It’s important not to overdo this. You don’t wanna do it five
times a week, 30 minutes a day. Just do it a couple times a week, just in order to keep your body in shape. You can really kinda tweak
and mess up your form if you do it a lot and you’re
not getting out to the course to make sure the corrections you’re making are actually good for you. This is a helpful exercise
(dubstep music) to keep your body in shape
and to keep your form in shape during these long winter months.

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