Powerful Backhand Attack Like A Pro

Welcome back to pingsunday: A place to learn
table tennis correctly and with fun. Today, let’s learn how to have a powerful
backhand attack like a pro. Powerful backhand topspin with Jon Persson. Many players don’t know how to attack strongly
by using the backhand. The mechanism of the backhand stroke is different
than the forehand technique. I have explained the powerful forehand topspin
with the Chinese technique. Click above to learn the Chinese forehand
loop. For the forehand, you can rotate your whole
body, and then have a stronger force. While for the backhand, you hit the ball in
front of your body. So it’s not easy to generate a lot of force
with the backhand. Does the power come from the wrist? the elbow?
or the shoulder? Let’s learn from Jon Persson (Swedish Pro
players, actually play in Pro A in France). The mechanism of the backhand stroke Let learn how to generate a powerful backhand
attack. The first step, you should “drop” your racket
down. Drop your shoulder very low. Many players just stand high, and forget to
do this important step. That’s why they can’t generate enough force. You should also close your racket, and fold
your wrist. The main force comes from your shoulder and
your elbow. After folding your elbow, dropping your shoulder
and your racket, now you will generate a lot of force. Hit forward! Don’t hit upward! Release the elbow and hit forward. Many players just try to hit upward, this
will reduce the power and the consistency of your shots. And finally, at the moment of contact, you
should use your wrist. Release all of the power generated at this
moment. Power is from the solid foundation from the
ground, transferred to the whole body, to the shoulder, to the elbow, and then using
the wrist to “accelerate” into the ball. Keep your wrist straight at the last moment. Now let’s see the real speed of this backhand. Remember to practice the correct technique
every day, one day you will have the same powerful backhand.

91 thoughts on “Powerful Backhand Attack Like A Pro

  1. Hey Coach…! Where are you these days? it took you 4 months to make this video 🙁 please keep up the good work and continue making videos :/

  2. Its nice that you come back, but this video is very disappointing compared to previous ones. I started watching you because you paid attention to details and thoroughly explained everything. This is not the case… hope you make goos videos again. Best wishes 🙂

  3. hello emratthich technician. a pleasure to see one of your videos again and thank you my blows and techniques have improved from day to morning. I am a player with good flexibility and a good physical condition but my mentality is very changeable, I mean that at one moment I am focused and in another I am frustrated, I could make a video or explain about how to strengthen the game's mentality or tips for to be able to handle the mentality ?. Thanks for coming back I love your channel and its content greetings from Chile

  4. I hope Zhang Jike can do same thing like you, 'COME BACK'..haha

    Big thank's n big Respect from Indonesia…


  6. Thank you for the analysis. At the beginning of the video, you mentioned picking the right backhand rubber. Where would I see that?

  7. Hello there coach. I improved my game just by watching your videos. Now I can win opponents that I was scared before. Thank you so much for your work and I wish you all the best.

    Question: Can you please let me know what is the best flexible racket (Chinese style) I can build for $100 maximum? I got strong FH, and I want both rubbers to be the same. (Is it good idea?)

  8. I dont agree with you for this video. you said we must hit forward not upward. But almost every international coach says we must hit to upward and right side at same time. Even at this video jon person hit to right side not forward. (sorry my englısh not well. but I hope you understand what I said)

  9. You forgot to mentione to OPEN the racket angle before hitting the ball. It is very difficult to change your usual and standard angle so try and exagerate at first. I Promise you, when you think you opened your angle,u can open way more than you did. Because its such a minor but important difference u fall very fast into old habits.

  10. My coach always gives me heck when I drop my bat and shoulder if topspin or topspin off block. He says "keep the bat up! Its topspin". Of course these pro players are fast enough to get into position every time.

  11. hello sir. Hope you are well. I have problem with to return the backhand flick with my forehand please help me.

  12. Emrathich coach please make vedio on how to be ready after serve cause im pingpong player and playing for 2 years

  13. Emrat I'm so happy your making videos again. Because of you I am a good player. Before I watched your videos, I would do constant pushes and get a lucky smash. Now I am looping FH and BH all over the court and table. You're so great

  14. Great to see you back! just a day before, i recited my club players about 'Power from the ground', 'In Pai', 'Acceleration', 'Use of wrist', 'Body rotation' and all those Principles you have taught me. I have made a Display card of these principles. i have kept it pinned on the club's Notice Board. very often, i refer the principles to the players. All players are improving fast. The thing is after understanding table tennis, i feel satisfied that i have been giving them something worth. Credit goes to you, dear coach EmRatThich!!

  15. Can you make a video/article on pingsunday about best chinese rubbers for forehand? I saw you already did it about the backhand rubbers and i'd like another one!

  16. This is the first video you make in over 4 months and it is only 5 minutes long? Sorry, but I am dissapointed.

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  18. good evening coach, you Always choose as model chinese players , why for this video you show an european one ? tks

  19. Gosto muito de assistir os seus vídeos, por favor, não pare de nos ajudar. Atenciosamente Fábio Patrick /Brasil

  20. sir you r my coach , the best thing about your video is showing in the background the best YET PRACTICAL example of what is being discussed, and the chinese philosophy u tell , and last but not the least is YOUR understanding of the problems of the amature players.plz keep the coach work for us

  21. coach, i'm having difficulties in returning short spinny ball.I can't understand the bat angle on the return for different serves.could you tell me how to return spinny serves on both the backhand and the forehand.

  22. Coach I have question about how to keep unused rubbers in good condition. I heard that ( and I’m not sure if that’s true or not ) if you keep a rubber without using it even in its factory enclosure wrap it will loose its properties and won’t be useful anymore. So I was asking if it’s possible to preserve the rubbers in their original factory condition by wrapping them in vacuum sealed enclosures. What do you think about that ?
    Thanks again for your help and God bless.

  23. Coach EmRatThich, can you help me find a penholder equipment for Playstyle like Forehand to topspin and smash and backhand to do RPB? Thanks

  24. Im a European tt player, I was using the rozena on both sides of my viscaria, im a heavy attacker, I play close to mid distance to the table with lots of power, and further away with heavy spin. I recently got a hurricane 3 neo for my forehand, should I focus on countering and on top spin rallies? Or to force a quick point?

  25. Backhand is so hard for me! In tennis, I have a decent 2 hand backhand and can even slice.
    In table tennis, my backhand absolutely sucks. I am primarily a forehand loop player. I hate the backhand in table tennis.
    I have watched quite a few videos and nothing works for me.
    I am seriously thinking about taking lessons.
    What gets me is the short game. I try to do the backhand flick and fail the majority of time. Damn, If I can learn the backhand attack, I could be one of the top players at my local club. But, I am just a scrub.
    Thanks EmRatThich for these great videos. I will keep watching and maybe one day, I will actually learn.

  26. Hello Coach EmRatThich! Regarding setups: i have Butterfly Jonyer H LI racket from my brother (off) and use stiga cobra ultra rubbers on both sides (coach's pick for newer players). I realised that I really liked looping, short game, and spinny rubber so I want a Chinese rubber to match my blade, the problem is I dont know which to pick, main factor is high durability.

  27. Hey coach emrathich can you please make a video on how to tell if a chopper makes no spin or backspin?please do respond to my comment.i was watching the 2012 london olympic semi final of hkg china vs south korea and couldnt figure this out when joo se hyuk was playing.

  28. I love this Earn rat Coach, he realy has knowledge and i love these videos so MUCH, please MAKE VIDEOS FOREVER AND DONT STOP ! Or maybe i can moove to were you live and i pay you to Coach me in tennis table !!

  29. EmRatThich, how hard and thick should beginner rubber be on a scale of 1 to 100? And how flexible should the blade be on the same scale?

  30. Hello EmRaThich how do I learn to detekt Spin? For example if I'm in a duel with Backspin (Schupfen). To dress him with Loop the Ball.(Topspin). Thank you

  31. Hi coach
    Can you tell me briefly about the antispin rubber. Or make a video for it . I will be very grateful.

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